Norway and Cuba demand to comply the Protocol with ELN

Jan 23, 2019 Latam Politics
Norway and Cuba demand to comply the Protocol with ELN
Before the affirmations of the president Iván Duque to retire of the dialogs of peace with the ELN, Norway and Cuba raised their voices of protest

Boca Juniors: an Argentine club filled with Colombian essence

Jan 21, 2019 Sports
Boca Juniors: an Argentine club filled with Colombian essence
With the arrival of midfielder Jorman Campuzano, the Argentinean team opts for Colombian players

Colombia said no to terrorism

Jan 20, 2019 Latam Politics
Colombia said no to terrorism
Thousands of people marched today in different parts of Colombia to express their solidarity due to recent acts of violence

"Enough, ELN: Enough with deaths, kidnappings and attacks": Iván Duque

Jan 19, 2019 Analysis latam politics
Yesterday, Iván Duque put an end to the peace process with the ELN after the terrorist attack against the cadet school of the Santander General Police

Bad luck! Latin American players who finished their careers due to injuries

Jan 17, 2019 Sports
Bad luck! Latin American players who finished their careers due to injuries
These 4 players were forced to retire due to injuries that markedly affected their football performance

Meet Julieth Lozano, the soprano who uplifts Latin America's opera

Jan 11, 2019 Art
Meet Julieth Lozano, the soprano who has left Latin America high
A long way of presentations, scholarships and studies are some of the steps that the soprano Julieth Lozano has climbed

Tatiana Calderón: on her way to Formula 1

Jan 04, 2019 Sports
Tatiana Calderón: on her way to Formula 1
The Colombian pilot managed to consolidate herself as one of the most outstanding Latin athletes in 2018

Colombia and Venezuela will issue special identity documents to residents living along the border between the countries as a first step to fully reopen the border that’s been closed for a year.

The decision came after the foreign ministers of both countries met to discuss a permanent reopening of the border which was closed almost a year ago.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would remain the joint border closed until Venezuela “can ensure a healthy and free economy without contraband products, without paramilitaries.”

The Venezuelan head of state surprisingly and unilaterally began closing the border in August last year after three security officials were shot by alleged drug traffickers.

In the five hour long meeting on Thursday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez accepted her Colombian counterpart’s proposal to introduce new IDs for citizens living on both sides of the border. These IDs will contain “fundamental information about the activities that take place,” said Rodriguez.

The Venezuelan foreign minister considered the step a measure to heighten security controls and crack down on the contraband of gasoline, drug trafficking and organized crime, all rampant in the area.

Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin stated “the proposal of the new ID will be very useful” and will contribute to a “safe reopening of the border”.

Security teams will meet next week to establish international military cooperation in order to “fight the international agents of crime who participate in the contraband, narcotraffic and illicit activities” Rodriguez stated.

Holguin added that the gradual border reopening will be decided by Maduro and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in another meeting expected to be confirmed in the coming days.

The foreign ministers also announced plans to install venezuelan gas stations on the Colombian side of the border.  The Venezuelan gasoline, the cheapest in the world, will be sold in colombian pesos. Access to the gasoline at market prices will help to reduce the contraband of gasoline in the zone.

Rodriguez and Holguin affirmed that during the meeting all the necessary points were addressed and that procedures such as the introduction of new ID and gas installations will create the right environment to gradually reopen the border.

Colombia Report | by Holly Eustance

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