'Green Frontier' opens the door to the Colombian Amazon in a new Netflix series

Aug 15, 2019 Movies
Official trailer capture of
The series addresses the issue of the threat against biodiversity that surrounds the traditional communities that live in that region of the Amazon

Coca and conflict: the factors fuelling Colombian deforestation

Aug 13, 2019 Environment
Graduation of participants and trainers from the workshop.
A University of Queensland-led study found that conflict between illegal groups and the governmental military forces were all associated with increased…

Colombian company will export banana to China and hopes to add Eastern Europe

Aug 09, 2019 Trade
Colombian worker in a banana export company.
The Colombian company Uniban, dedicated to the commercialization of bananas, expects to enter several markets in Eastern Europe with its product

Venezuelans among rights abuse victims in conflict-ridden Colombian region

Aug 09, 2019 Latam
El director de la División de las Américas de Human Rights Watch (HRW), José Miguel Vivanco
Human Rights Watch said the government "is not meeting its obligations to protect the rights of civilians who are victims of the conflict between armed groups"

The women of 1819

Aug 08, 2019 Latam
LatinamericanPost News
Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Battle of Boyacá, in Colombia, we pay tribute to the women who collaborated to make Latin America a free region

Pigs for peace: winding back from war in Colombia

Aug 02, 2019 Latam
Pigs, papayas and peppers are helping seal the peace in Colombia as villagers return to the land after decades of war

Dilma Rousseff turns on her laptop and says, under her breath: "Lord, these people are complicated".

On the laptop screen, Rousseff comes across the fourth, "or fifth, or sixth" version of the letter she plans to deliver to the 81 senators by next Wednesday (10).

Rousseff's comment on the versions of the document is justified: allies from different ideological strains continue to share their opinion on the message.

During a meeting with Rousseff at the Alvorada Palace on Thursday morning (4), Folha gained access to a few excerpts from the "message to the senators and the Brazilian people".

The defense of the plebiscite is the main argument of the speech, perhaps one of the last she will make as president.

"I will give my full support to the initiation of a plebiscite, in order to promote the actualization of new elections and political reform in the country."

"May the people make their needs known, not just through opinion surveys, but by way of a popular vote on new elections and political reform," she said, in an interview with Folha.

The suspended president went on to say: "The presidency is being treated as if it were parliamentarism. Parliamentarism allows for a vote of no confidence. In a presidency, impeachment, without a crime, is a coup".

But is there logic behind, as Michel Temer put it, wanting to return to then leave?, asked Folha.

"Logic? The logic is that he does not have 54.5 million votes. I am legitimate. Nothing, not even impeachment, will make Temer a legitimate president. And that will follow him until the end", she said.

Folha de S.Paulo |NATUZA NERY

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