The endless fight between deliveryman and Rappi

Jul 16, 2019 Latam
Case of addresses of the company Rappi
Venezuelan migration and contract types are some of the factors that have Rappi in the eye of the storm

Cabal and Farah create men's doubles history for Colombia

Jul 13, 2019 Sports
Juan-Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah celebrate winning the men's doubles final
Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah became the first Colombians to win a Grand Slam men's doubles title

US extradites former Colombian agriculture minister

Jul 12, 2019 Latam
Andrés Felipe Arias after AIS scandal
Andre Felipe Arias is accused of diverting funds that were supposed to be used by a government program while serving in that position.

Hocol signs 4 contracts for oil exploration in Colombia

Jul 12, 2019 Macroeconomics
The installations of Ecopetrol's Castilla oil rig platform are seen in Castilla La Nueva, Colombi
Colombia has proven reserves of 1,958 million barrels, equivalent to 6.2 years of consumption, with a current average production of 865,000 barrels per day, of…

Former FARC leader's arrest sought in blow to Colombia's peace deal

Jul 10, 2019 Latam
Congressmen hold signs against Santrich during a plenary session in the congress, in Bogota
Last year, U.S. authorities sought Hernandez's extradition on charges he helped smuggle 10 tonnes of cocaine to the United States in 2017

Colombia plans temporary work permit for undocumented Venezuelans

Jul 09, 2019 Latam
Venezuelan citizens submit documents in La Victoria, Lima, Peru.
In 2017, Colombia created a two-year special permit that allowed Venezuelans to work and reside in the country, but stopped accepting new applicants months…

Political polarization in Colombia is already making noise in the economy

Jul 06, 2019 Macroeconomics
Juan José Echavarría, general manager of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia
Despite having signed a peace agreement, the country remains divided politically and socially

Through hunger strikes, mobilizations, and mass resignations, doctors in Bolivia protest against an article of the new Penal Code, which punishes with fines and jail time malpractice of health specialists.

While the rallies started back in November, it wasn’t only until December 18th that the healthcare professionals went on a hunger strike and blocked the entrance to public hospitals and state universities in cities like La Paz, El Alto, Sucre, and Santa Cruz.

In addition to the strike, about 58 managers of public health centers quit in rejection of the new article since it criminalizes the profession, according to those protesting.

"In La Paz, we are determined to resign to our intermediate positions, hospital directors, heads of services, network managers, and all people who have a hierarchical position", highlighted the medical leader Orlando Moreira.

What is the new law about?

The policy allows citizens to find a way to channel their claims when they do not feel satisfied or have been harmed by a medical procedure. It also penalizes personnel who deny care to a patient in a state of emergency. These would be punished with 2 to 6 years in prison, and punishes medical negligence with the removal of their professional license or fines.

Due to this, the medical community responded with strikes and rejection to the measure; they request the Government to revoke the policy. However, Alfredo Rada, vice minister of Coordination of Social Movements, called the actions of the doctors "irresponsible" and stressed that the commotion is due to a conflict marked by internal disputes that are fought over by the presidency of the Medical Association of Bolivia.

"It is regrettable, however, that is the population that has to suffer the damages of a measure that has been declared by the leadership of Bolivian Medical Association apparently in a conflict that is also marked by these internal disputes”, Rada stated.

60 Cuban doctors arrive to bring help

According to Bolivian government statements, this medical crisis caused by strikes has left four dead due to the lack of medical assistance and more than 8,000 surgeries and 600,000 consultations have been postponed.

As a measure to the manifestations and hunger strikes, 60 Cuban doctors arrived in Bolivia to supply the absence of doctors and serve users in mobile clinics enabled by the Government.

While the crisis is worsening, Bolivia announced that doctors who are on strike for more than six days could be let go or have to pay fines for breaching their duties.


Latin American Post | Luis Liborio

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto


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