What did Honduras gain by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

The Honduran congress approved the transfer in April, which brought a series of benefits for the Central American country

What did Honduras gain by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

Honduras and Israel announced agreements that reinforce their bilateral relationship and that will benefit the Central American country in areas such as education, agriculture, and tourism. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, as well as other Honduran officials attended the announcement. Israel is committed to supporting Honduras through specific programs, which include resources and technology transfer.

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These supports have come only after the support shown by Honduras to Israel at the diplomatic level, by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. The first country to announce its support was the United States, despite the condemnation of the international community, only a dozen countries supported the Americans. With this decision, the United States will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, an iconic date for Israel, as it is its 70th anniversary as a State. The announcement of the Americans to move their embassy was followed by that of Guatemala and in April 2018 of Honduras, a victory for the Israelis.

All countries that had embassies in Jerusalem withdrew them in 1980, due to Israel's unilateral decision to declare it in its entirety as its capital. Some withdrew them to avoid problems with the Arab world and for being against the Israeli decision. By moving the embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, many of these problems have been revived, the Arab world has protested and the threats of terrorist groups have grown. These differences could have long-term consequences for Guatemala and Honduras; for example, if the next American administration decided to return the embassy to Tel Aviv.

What has Honduras obtained from Israel?

Israel will transfer technology for Honduran agriculture, which will be administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The Middle East country has great experience in agricultural technology due to the technical difficulties of its territory for production. Honduras will also receive a scholarship package that will be included in the Honduras 20/20 Presidential Program of Juan Orlando Hernández’s government, an economic development program that extends to different strategic areas of the country, including education and technological innovation.

As regards investment in technology, the first step has already been taken, this week the Honduran president and investors have inaugurated the first geothermal plant with US and Israeli capital. The company Ormat has opened this plant with an investment of 125 million dollars, with a production capacity of 35 megawatts. The plant is located in the department of Copán, bordering Guatemala. Geoplatanares, as the plant is called, is a sample of what the Central American country will be able to receive due to its proximity and support towards Israel and the United States.

Honduras expects US investments of almost 700 million dollars, according to data from the Private Investment Corporation Abroad (OPIC) that has announced up to 1,000 million dollars that also includes Guatemala and El Salvador. For the catrachos, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with Trump, due to the Honduran migration to the United States. Additionally, undoubtedly having the North American country as an ally with Israel responds to a pragmatic policy that pays much more than being against both.


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