A judge had ruled in favor of releasing ex president Lula Da Silva, but hours later the ruling was deemed invalid: this is why it happened

Brazil: why was a ruling in favor of releasing Lula from jail revoked?

On the morning of Sunday, June 8th, judge Rogério Favreto of the TRF4 Court ordered ex president’s Luis Inázio Lula da Silva’s release from jail. However, hours later, judge Gerbran Neto overruled the decision, and forbade the Federal Police from taking action in releasing Lula from Jail.

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Favrelo’s ruling was in favor of an Habeas Corpus that had been presented as Lula’s appeal, which argued that he could not perform his duties as presidential pre-candidate from jail. However, Lula da Silva has been imprisoned because he is being investigated by judge of the Brazilian Supreme Court Sergio Moro, who is in charge of Operation Car Wash. Since the ruling in favor of the ex president’s appeal did not come from Moro himself, judge Gerbran Neto overruled it, as reported by Brazilian magazine Veja.

The possible political motivations behind attempting to release Lula

The ex president, member of the Workers Party, is running again for presidency.
According to InfoMoney, Favrelo was looking to release Lula from jail in order for the ex president to be able to run for president properly, as the Habeas Corpus presented stated. Favrelo argued that while Lula was being investigated there was no need for him to remain in prison.

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As InfoMoney has recalled, Favrelo was a member of Lula’s political party from 1991 to 2010. He even worked in four different ministers while Lula was president: the Civil House, where he worked for the Sub-account for legal matters, the Ministry of Social Development, the Secretary of International Relations, and the Ministry of Justice. Also, it was ex president Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s successor, who gave Favrelo the position as judge he currently holds.

Who is allowed to rule in favor of Lula’s freedom?

For Lula to be released, the ruling has to come from Sergio Moro, the judge in charge of Operation Car Wash. As reported by the BBC, Brazilian Justice has stated that Lula is guilty of accepting bribes and he is being investigated for money laundering, all charges that are connected to the biggest case of corruption in the continent. Because of the direct link between Lula’s accusations and Operation Car Wash, Lula can only be released if Sergio Moro rules in favor of him.

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