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With the cancellation of the US president's trip to the Summit of the Americas and his subsequent stop in Bogota, Latin America appears to be treated with lack of interest by the nation

Donald Trump sees Latin America with disinterest?

The White House, through its spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, announced on Tuesday morning the cancellation of President Donald Trump's first trip to Latin America, which had been scheduled in previous weeks and where he had planned to attend the Summit. of the Americas in Lima, Peru and later move to Bogotá, Colombia, to meet with President Juan Manuel Santos. According to Sanders, the trip is canceled due to the alleged chemical weapons attack on April 7 in Syria, where at least 41 people died.

Leer en español: ¿Donald Trump vuelve a ver a Latinoamérica con desinterés?

Donald Trump intends to closely monitor the response, possibly military that is in the Asian country.

With this surprise cancellation, Donald Trump demonstrates the lack of interest that the region has for him, both from the campaign of aspiration to the presidency as demonstrated since he took office in January 2017. The lack of interest is demonstrated as in There are also delicate circumstances in the region, such as the militarization of the southern border with Mexico, the political, economic and humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is going through, and the corruption scandals by the multinational Odebrecht that are spreading to several Latin American governments and that have already charged the head of the now ex-president of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

The trip of Donald Trump was speculated under immense tension due to the constant criticisms that the US president makes through their social networks and by official communications, where the main criticisms are towards migration, trade and the fight against narcotics that differs from what is proposed by the countries of the subcontinent. This trip implied the first visit of the president to the region, despite the fact that two of his closest collaborators had already made a visit: Vice President Mike Pence, who also, on behalf of the president, returns to Peru to replace Trump, and now Former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who in recent months toured the region to discuss issues of mutual interest.

With the absence of Donald Trump and his possible support at the Summit of Lima, the issue of Venezuela can not be treated with the same forcefulness, since last October Donald Trump requested in the framework of the celebration of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, United States, a dinner with the presidents of Colombia, Peru and Mexico to discuss this dilemma.

The Summit of the Americas is considered as one of the most important diplomatic events in the continent in terms of representation because it is mainly the heads of state that meet, in addition, the issues concerning the entire region are discussed and a solution to these is sought. . This mechanism was promoted by the United States, when Bill Clinton occupied the chair in the White House. His first meeting took place in Miami in 1994.


Latin American Post | Carlos Eduardo Gómez Avella

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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