African American museum founder discovered dead in car trunk

Jul 14, 2019 Art
Carla Blanchard Dartez talking with Sadie Roberts-Joseph
Baton Rouge police Sgt. L’Jean McKneely said investigators were still waiting for a coroner to determine a cause of death for Sadie Roberts-Joseph after her body was found Friday…

Tutankhamun bust and other objects that Egypt claims to Europe

Jul 08, 2019 Art
Bust of Tutankhamun
The auction house Christie's sold Tutankhamun bust despite criticism from the Egyptian Government

Cuban artist sketches under the sea among fish and coral reefs

Jun 28, 2019 Art
Artista Cubano Sandor González
He gets fully kitted out in scuba diving gear including an oxygen tank and yellow flippers and swims out 60 meters

'Everything is stolen from us': Tunisians fight to preserve cultural heritage

Jun 28, 2019 Art
Ruinas de Sbeitla en Tunez
The looting of archaeological sites is a longstanding problem in Tunisia, said Yasser Jrad, head of the seized objects department at the National Heritage Institute

Festival or refugee camp? Music events test emergency aid

Jun 28, 2019 Art
Obra de Virginia Gardener y la firma Loowatt
When an inventor wanted to test-drive a toilet aimed at providing safe sanitation in the developing world, she knew just where to turn - a British music festival

A Picasso sold during Nazi flight can stay at New York's Met -U.S. court

Jun 28, 2019 Art
Obra 'Guarnica' de Picasso sobre un mueble de madera
The 2016 federal law gives people six years to file claims after learning the whereabouts of artwork lost between 1933 and 1945 because of Nazi persecution

Uncertain art world eyes key European auctions

Jun 27, 2019 Art
Persona observando una obra de arte
“It is a question of whether one feels that the market reflects the general economy and to what extent the banking crisis influences values of works of art”, Jussi Pylkkanen

Meet some of the most impressive installation arts

Jun 21, 2019 Art
Instalaciones artísticas 'Ludovico Einaudi Concert', 'Crossing the Rubicon' y 'Seven Magic Mountains'
We will show you some of the most impressive installation arts of today

Sculpting clay for beginners

Jun 21, 2019 Art
Manos de una persona esculpiendo arcilla en una base giratoria
Here are some things to keep in mind when sculpting clay

Meet the artist who applies augmented reality in his works of art

Jun 16, 2019 Art
Neon Caron
LatinAmerican Post interviewed the Mexican artist who uses augmented reality in his works, knows the details here

These are the Latin American crafts you should know

Jun 13, 2019 Art
Artesanias Huichol - Wayuu - Shipibo
Here we show some of the most important crafts from different Latin American countries

These are the most iconic flamenco singers

Jun 06, 2019 Art
Next we will tell you about some singers of this musical and artistic style

What you should know about flamenco

May 30, 2019 Art
Here we tell you wonderful things you should know about this art

These are the kinetic artists of Latin America that you should know

May 30, 2019 Art
We will tell you about some artists who work with this style

This is the art of moving art works

May 23, 2019 Art
We will tell you all about the art of works that seem to be in motion
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