Duchamp and Koons take Mexico City

May 17, 2019 Art
Those who visit Mexico City should attend the exhibition of these two great artists who have much in common. We tell you about our experience

What you should know about the Dadaist Movement

May 16, 2019 Art
These are the things that you should know about this movement that revolutionized the art world

The museums you should visit in Mexico City

May 09, 2019 Art
Next, we will tell you which are the cultural spaces you can't miss when visiting the city

5 things you should know about the surrealist movement

May 08, 2019 Art
Here we will tell you five things you should know about the Surrealist artistic movement

The amazing Folkloric Ballet of Mexico

May 05, 2019 Art
An unforgettable experience is what you'll have in the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

The 3 mexican photographers you should know

May 02, 2019 Art
Next, we'll tell you about 3 Latin American photographers and their work

The best cultural plans of Mexico City

Apr 28, 2019 Art
From art museums to craft markets, these are some of the activities you can do at CDMX

Feminism and femininity, new concepts embodied in photography

Apr 26, 2019 Art
"Feminism and femininity, a visual reflection" is an exhibition that proposes a different dynamic on feminist theory

3 influential Latin American women in the art world

Apr 25, 2019 Art
These are some of the most influential Latin American women in the art world

Everything you need to know about sacred music

Apr 21, 2019 Art
There is also space for music on our Holy Week special. What better than knowing the basics of sacred music. Let's start!

The Instagram accounts you must follow to learn art

Apr 12, 2019 Art
Here are some of the Instagram accounts that you must follow to stay tuned into the art world, emerging artists and if you want to learn about art

Adriana Cuellar: the Colombian artist you should know

Apr 11, 2019 Art
Adriana Cuellar told us about her exhibition In Your Silence lives in mine which can be visited until next May 9 in the gallery SN maCarena in Bogotá

Cultural Agenda: exhibitions and artistic exhibitions this week

Apr 11, 2019 Art
Here we tell you what are the exhibitions and artistic events that you can not miss

3 Important Latin American collectors that you should know

Apr 07, 2019 Art
The art collections are not far from Latin America, although a vast majority is from Argentina, other countries in the region also have important collectors

Cultural agenda: the exhibitions that you can't miss

Apr 04, 2019 Art
We tell you about the artistic and cultural programming that you can't miss
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