Great Britain: The fall of the Monarch

Great Britain: The fall of the Monarch

No one really knows what the future holds

Brazil: 3G Capital, a success story

Brazil: 3G Capital, a success story

The empire that conquered United States

India: ¿a sinkhole for the global economy?

India: ¿a sinkhole for the global economy?

Morgan Stanley predicts consumer inflation is only the beginning 

The Abenomics score a new milestone?

The Abenomics scores a new milestone?

See the success driving the world’s third largest economy

Economic Brief: Latin America 2010-2020

Economic Brief: Latin America 2010-2020

Latin America has the potential to become the next global power

What is blockchain and why does it matter

What is blockchain and why does it matter

It is a priority on the World Economic Forum’s agenda


Foot-and-mouth disease hits Colombia

Contagious bovine disease threatens 17.79 billion dollars a year 


What is the OPEC?

It is common knowledge that today’s society depends on crude but who really runs said industry?

Marijuana policy in Uruguay

Uruguay: The first country to make the move

Recreational marijuana is now allowed in the South American country

Latin America

A shape shifting tradition: blocs in Latin America

Economic and political blocs, such as the Pacific Alliance, seem to be gaining importance in today’s politics, but how do they work?

knowledge economy

Challenges for the knowledge economy in Latin America

Many argue that the XXIst century has already embarked humanity on the journey towards the 4th industrial revolution


An introductory look into cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are part of the new form of the value exchange system

Latin American growth

Is the end of Latin American negative growth in sight?

International financial institutions forecast the end of red figures for Latin American growth in 2017

Cuba economy

Cuba’s private sector faces a new challenge

Donald Trump announced that he would change the conditions of the deal between the United States and Cuba. The consequences will run deep.


The sophistication of the MS-13 economy

Maras have evolved from national extortionists to international criminals

Puerto Rico’s economy doesn’t depend on becoming the 51st state

After the non-biding vote of Puerto Ricans to become the 51st state, we need to discuss the economic and political consequences if this becomes a reality

Artificial Intelligence

Could investing in Artificial Intelligence be the solution?

By 2035, use of AI could increase the South American GDP by 1%. Is it time to invest more in technology?

Is Trump’s economic agenda doomed?

While Trump’s administration started with strong congressional support, it seems as if his actions have created a rejection towards his economic agenda

Fashion Jobs

How many jobs does fashion generate in Colombia?

The fashion industry continues growing at an unstoppable speed. Increasingly companies are betting on the fabric and clothing business in Latin America

Argentina’s honesty comes with a price

Since 2012, the Argentinian inflation numbers were concealed from the public. Now, under Macri’s administration, the real numbers are in and they’re not encouraging

Latin America commodities

How will Latin America end its dependence on commodities?

Low demand and higher prices of commodities are constantly damaging Latin American economy. What steps should it take to end this dependence?

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