What the acquisition of Hulu by Disney means

May 16, 2019 Business
After the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, and despite the release of Disney +, Disney will have complete control over one of Netflix's biggest competitors.

These are the most valuable brands of alcoholic beverages in Latin America

May 07, 2019 Business
When it comes to liquors and beers, some of the most valuable brands in the world come from this region

Venture capital: the biggest gender gap in business

May 06, 2019 Business
Of all the risk capital raised in 2018, only 2.2% went to companies led by women

Meet the most important companies born in coworking spaces

May 03, 2019 Business
The benefits of coworking were key for companies like Uber to reach where they are now

Better and cheaper? Chinese companies are threatening Apple and Samsung

Apr 15, 2019 Business
While the profits of Apple and Samsung declined by the end of 2018, those of Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo increased

Is this the most expensive transfer season in history?

Apr 15, 2019 Business
Soccer stars and others of lesser renown players, but not less expensive, promise to warm up the 'grid' of signings for this next season

The owners of the Grindr App are in trouble

Apr 15, 2019 Business
The dating application for the LGBTQ community is in trouble in the United States, where they accuse it of being a threat to national security

Which are the most valuable MLB teams?

Apr 12, 2019 Business
The largest baseball league in the world continues to produce record profits. Here the most benefited teams

Pharmaceutical industry in trouble: two large companies face lawsuits

Apr 05, 2019 Business
The lawsuits have challenged the work ethic of the pharmaceutical industry, within which Novartis and Purdue Pharma are key players

McDonald's surprises with a technological purchase of USD $300 million

Mar 29, 2019 Business
The Israeli company Dynamic Yield and its new technology will improve both sales and customer experience
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