Would you like to buy what you see on Instagram? Soon it could be possible

Mar 20, 2019 Personal
Instagram is the latest social network that seeks a transition to e-commerce. This is how the platform will work

Challenging panorama of female entrepreneurs in Latin America

Mar 19, 2019 Personal
Women's businesses have the same survival rate as men's, despite the exhaustive search for funding to create them

'Skiplagging': the savings strategy that airlines can't stop

Mar 08, 2019 Personal
This technique has allowed hundreds of travelers to save money when traveling by finding flights hidden by airlines

How do maternity leave works in Latin America?

Feb 21, 2019 Personal
Cuba and Chile have the longest license periods, while Paraguay and Haiti have the lowest

3 books that will help you keep your finances in order

Jan 22, 2019 Personal
We will all have to face managing our budget, so it is not a bad idea to get advice from the experts. Here we recommend three books to start

9 tips to have good finances in 2019

Dec 28, 2018 Personal
We all want to improve the balance in our bank accounts, so for this new year it is worth going over the bases to build better finances

Going to the gym: avoid being tricked with these tips

Dec 27, 2018 Personal
Is this time of the year when thinking of going to the gym is such a good idea but, be careful! The gym could become your worst enemy

Are you millennial and unemployed? Break the stereotypes

Dec 14, 2018 Personal
Millennials represent the highest unemployment rate because of the negative stereotypes in which they have been typecast. Here we tell you how to break with them
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