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The involvement of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a corruption case has begun to tear down his image and that of the Liberal Party

Canada: Does Trudeau's apparent perfect government weaken?

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, took office in 2015, which is almost four years. His government has had a roller coaster of ups and downs but, without doubt, has maintained the support of its constituents and the population, all within a "seemingly perfect" political management in what has been the most popular and effective global policies.

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However, they are now marred by an unforgivable corruption case for the Canadian judicial system. Within the opposition to his government, is the conservative party and the left party. Although these have not had greater relevance against the popular government of the prime minister, they are those who now expect to feed on the possible remains of the Liberal Party, who have entered a phase of decomposition just a few months of the next general election, seven months to be specific

The corruption case of one of Canada's largest construction companies

The genesis of this whole situation is in the events of the largest construction company in the US, SNC-Lavalin, which is in investigations for paid bribes in order to get the contract in Libya when Gaddafi's regime was still in place. The pending investigations for this construction company were not going to escape to the Canadian justice, and it is here where everything becomes implosion. According to reports in The Globe and Mail newspaper, Trudeau was interfering in the resolution of the case, with the aim of preventing SNC-Levalin from receiving public contracts, as the World Bank had already sanctioned and broke alliances with it.

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Minister of the Trudeau cabinet refuses to be disloyal to justice

Although the prime minister has denied interference in the case, he has made it clear that he has tried to reach agreements with the multinational based in Canada, but has asserted that his actions have been in accordance with the principles of Canadian justice. However, the facts do not support Trudeau's theory. Wilson-Raybould, now-former minister of veterans, declared before the parliament that, within her functions in her previous position as justice minister, she was pressured to prevent the construction company from having greater responsibility in the corruption case in which she is committed. . He also said that all that inappropriate pressure came from the prime minister's office, which used as an argument the protection of employees working for SNC-Lavalin. As a result, Wilson-Raybould resigned from Trudeau's cabinet on February 2, and subsequently brought to light the testimony about the prime minister and his advisers.

The scandals do not end there. The prime minister every day lowers his popularity and his reputation with the new testimonies and performances of those who worked at his side, all faithful to the same liberal principles with which Canadian policies have been handled. The resignation of Janet Philpott from the prime minister's cabinet, due to Wilson's testimony, enhances the liberal party's committed and loyal participation with the principles of justice in Canada , but it is probably not enough to remove the liberals from the scandal in which are involved. While leaders of the opposition like Andrew Scheer, leader of the conservative party, demand the resignation of the prime minister, this one is jeopardize in awaiting the decision of the voters in the next elections. Surveys in Canada about the popularity of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are everywhere, but we can only wait for the consequences that the whole situation has generated within the population, as well as within the cabinet of his government and of course, within the Liberal Party. Philpott took a step forward and formalized in a public voice his discontent and distrust of those who are now the face of Canadian political development.

Will someone else appear in the footsteps of former minister Philpott?

LatinAmerican Post | Gabriela Rivas

Translated from "Canadá: ¿se debilita el aparente gobierno perfecto de Trudeau?"

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