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United States' president has been involved in bribery scandals and falsified declarations before the Legislative of his country

Donald Trump: Will the businessman presidential term end soon?

At the end of last February, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and Kim Jong-un, president of Korea, met in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The summit between the two presidents, which lasted two days (February 27 and 28), resulted in a "goodbye" by Trump, who, according to statements offered at a press conference, lifted from the negotiating table beacuse of the issue of sanctions imposed by the US to the Asian country.

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"They wanted all the sanctions lifted and we could not give them that," said the US president. It should be remembered that since the end of 2017, the Donald Trump government has been firm against the North Korean regime with economic and political sanctions, in order to guarantee the denuclearization by Pyongyang.

However, according to information from the BBC, although Kim showed interest in giving ground in the nuclear field, this was not enough for Trump, so the negotiations were abruptly canceled with the American president rising from the table. "Sometimes you have to get away from the table and this was one of those occasions," he said.

"They wanted us to lift all the sanctions for a little denuclearization in some areas. But they were not able to give us the areas we wanted,"Trump said.

For the White House this meeting between both characters was "productive", but without a signature in between it could be considered as a fiasco.

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Trump in a corruption scandal?

Trump's only problem is not what happened with North Korea, but there are also political accusations against him, within the United States. An example of this are Michael Cohen's statements, Trump's former lawyer, who has repeatedly called him a "liar and swindler".

On February 27, in the middle of a hearing he had in the US Congress, Cohen pointed out the traps made by the president, such as the purchase of silence from porn actress Stormy Daniels, for an extramarital relationship that both maintained, and for making business in Russian territory. All that happened during his presidential campaign, in 2016, as detailed by Caracol News.

"I regret helping to silence Trump's illicit acts instead of listening to my conscience. I regret it because I know who Trump is. He is a racist, a fraudster and a liar (...) I am sorry to have actively worked with him to hide the truth when it was most necessary," said the lawyer who, according to La Vanguardia, "is about to enter prison for, among other crimes, lying under oath to legislators".

Democrats against Trump

All these statements have made the Democratic Party (majority in the United States Congress) wonder about the irregularities present before and during the Presidency of Donald Trump. That is why the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives formally requested that an investigation be launched against the president "for alleged crimes of corruption, abuse of power and obstruction of justice," as detailed by France 24.

According to the international media, the Chamber of Deputies sent letters to 81 people who are part of Trump's inner circle and professionals, so that they can offer documents to the Committee related to the real estate tycoon's presidential campaign, as for his first two years in charge of the Executive.

Of course, this political action has no other reason than to show Trump's role in the US Government as invalid, since the judicial charges that fall on the shoulders of the president would prevent him from continuing with his exercise in power.

"Our goal is to hold the administration accountable for obstruction of justice, abuse of power and corruption," said Representative Jerry Nadler, leader of the Judicial Committee that launched the investigation, in an interview with CNN.

Thus, not only would the administration of Trump be questioned in the United States Presidency, but, in case of not being able to finish it before 2020, there would be reasons for citizens to be persuaded not to re-elect Donald Trump in the presidential elections that year.

How valid is this research?

However, CNN explains that Trump's opponents must be accurate in each of their steps, because, "for the Democrats, at this moment it is basic policy not to qualify their investigations of impulse towards destitution," explains the newspaper. In doing so, Republicans would have the option of labeling the investigation as a personal war against the president.

Therefore, for the control does not exceed the limits of the political and be considered as valid, the Democrats have shown that they simply fulfill their role as auditors of the Trump government. "Doing something less would be a breach of our obligations to exercise our supervision," Nancy Pelosi said, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

LatinAmerican Post | Christopher Ramirez Hernandez

Translated from "Donald Trump: ¿llegará el fin del magnate en la presidencia?

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