What makes Colombian consumers happy


They say that money can’t buy you happiness but a new study carried out in Colombia appears to reveal otherwise.

The Raddar Consumer Knowledge Group and Banco de Bogotá have found that it’s not just clothes or gadgets which make shoppers happy, daily El Tiempo reports.

In a list compiled of the top five objects and products which make consumers happy upon purchase were; chocolate, shirts, creams, beers and ice cream.

Another list compiled by Raddar, showed that Colombian shoppers also preferred to spend their money on sweets, yogurts, soft drinks and even fish.

“Thinking about what makes you happy varies between individuals. Some purchases create happiness because you obtain something that you want, it’s something you fancy or dream about; others define a happy purchase with the idea of buying made easy, it’s problem free, no queues, no waiting around, without thinking in returning the item or having enough cash,” Camilo Herrera Mora, Raddar president explains.
A total of 40 percent of those surveyed by Raddar bought clothes and shoes, 29 percent bought food and 26 percent chose culture and leisure activities to make them happy.

In Colombia’s second largest city Medellín, around 60 percent of those surveyed said that their purchases made them happy. Whereas in Bogotá this was only 26 percent.

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