The ‘Orange Economy’ gives hope to Colombia’s capital

The president of Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce argues for creative and cultural economic activities to make the city competitive worldwide.

The ‘Orange Economy’ gives hope to Colombia’s capital

The president of Bogota’s Chamber of Commerce argues for creative and cultural economic activities to make the city competitive worldwide.

Brazil’s tech industry blossoms despite a long economic crisis

Brazil has a blossoming tech industry, most thought the crisis had all but broken it, however, it remains strong and may offer alternatives for development.

Panama’s agricultural workers feel government ‘prosecutes’ them

The often ignored agricultural sector of Panama once again calls for attention, their criticisms are sharp, they feel the government wants them gone.

Lithium boom puts spotlight on Chile

As growing interest in electric cars and energy-storage drives up global demand for lithium, companies with concessions to exploit Chile's vast resources could find themselves in an enviable position

Chile’s considers $10.5 bln in debt issuance

Chilean President Bachelet said that the country’s budgeted spending would rise 2.7 percent in 2017 compared with this year, the lowest rate of growth in 14 years, as a sluggish economy has crimped income.

Why are airlines losing so much money in LatAm?

From lack of infrastructure to under-equipped low-cost carriers, airlines in LatAm are not profiting from a growing number of passengers worldwide and cheap fuel.

1 in 2 Argentines, 8.8 million live in poverty and 1.7 million are indigent

Nearly one-third of Argentina’s population lives in poverty, the government said in the first official poverty data published in three years, underscoring the difficulty of reaching President Macri’s stated “zero poverty” goal.

Public employees strike for higher pay in Argentina

Argentina’s largest public sector unions staged a national strike Tuesday to demand pay increases amid rising inflation and higher utility rates that have eaten into workers’ purchasing power.

New taxation scheme for liquor in Colombia sparks controversy

The Colombian congress presented an initiative to raise taxes on imported liquor, the move has its detractors and its supporters.

Brazil’s Petrobras To Sell Gas Pipeline For US$5.19 Billion

The sale to a consortium led by Brookfield is part of the company’s plans to focus on the exploration of petroleum and natural gas.

Foreign agencies improve brazil’s GDP forecasts for 2016/2017

The less pessimistic outlooks are in line with what economic analysts in Brazil are also forecasting for the country's Gross Domestic Product.

What does the price of Nutella say about the Venezuelan economy?

At the moment, Venezuela can probably boast the highest price per jar of Nutella, and this is very telling about how deep into trouble their economy is.

Venezuela crises compound as oil industry falls into disarray

Venezuela’s petroleum industry, whose vast revenues once fueled the country’s Socialist-inspired revolution, underwriting everything from housing to education, is spiraling into disarray.

Peru president courts Chinese investment in first international trip

China has been Peru’s largest trading partner since 2014, buying $7.4 billion of goods in 2015 or 19.6% of Peru’s total exports, led by copper.

Cocoa for coca: How Colombia hopes to heal a drug-infested countryside

Some interesting initiatives are motivating farmers to produce and export cocoa, growers are finding it could offer a lucrative alternative to illegal crops.

Latin America hindered by weak fiscal position

According to the IMF’s Western Hemisphere director, all of the region’s economies are in a weaker fiscal position than they should be

Argentina could take advantage of Rousseff’s impeachment

Argentine Ministers are ecstatic, the Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment is a major stride in the ‘normalization’ of Brazil, something they’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Renewable energy investment in Chile: Make hay while the sun shines

Chile is aiming to produce 70% of its energy using renewable sources by 2050. This will provide European companies and investors with significant opportunities, says Santander’s Latin American Desk Head, Mauricio Munguia.

Colombia’s growth for this trimester the lowest in 7 years

The Colombian economy grew 2% for the 2nd trimester of 2016, numbers this low had not been seen for 7 years, however, there is no need for extreme measures.

Chile’s pension crunch

There are no easy answers to the pensions conundrum, whether in Chile or elsewhere. Chilean legislators will have to make difficult choices with hard-to-quantify tradeoffs.

Colombia’s peace deal won’t necessarily mean an economic boom

The agreement with rebel group FARC will almost certainly bring good to the Colombian economy, but there are still issues that will limit its success.

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