Brazil’s next challenge is its flailing economy

Michel Temer, Brazil’s new president, may have just vanquished his rival, Dilma Rousseff, in the bruising impeachment battle that resulted in her final removal from office. But for Mr. Temer, the hard part is just beginning.

Immigration restrictions are holding back LatAm’s economy

Ricardo Hausmann, Chief Economist of the Inter-American Development Bank argues that more welcoming immigration policies can make the difference for better in LatAm.

Colombia to start accounting for the digital economy

Estimates show that the digital economy has contributed sizeable growth to the Colombian economy, but only now will its impacts be seriously measured.

Macri's concern over Argentina’s low employment rate

“There are real economic figures (that) have to worry us,” such as the fact that the proportion of the population that is effectively employed in Argentina “barely exceeds” 40 percent, Macri said

Millennials have the power to reinvigorate LatAm’s economy

Spanish economist Iñaki Ortega says it is wise to take advantage of this generation. How could it benefit LatAm?

Latin America well placed to prosper

The Latin American Business Council, known as CEAL, said last week that the region should take advantage of its assets to achieve shared prosperity.

Brexit and the UK-Latam trade ties

The UK exported £7bn in goods and services to South America in 2015 (specifically those countries south of Panama)

Uruguay and Belgium agree on the expansion of Montevideo Port

Uruguayan Minister of Transport Víctor Rossi and the Belgian Vice Prime Minister Didier Reynders went ahead with the expansion of Pier C.

Venezuela hikes wages but a 800% inflation is likely to surge

Inflation is so bad here, that the Central Bank stopped publishing its consumer price index for more than a year. They only resumed regular publication months ago. And when it resumed, it was bad news.

What ‘Made in Latin America’ should mean

Made in Latin America should go beyond manufacturing, it should mean the transformation of a region’s economic system into a new era.

Argentina’s economy It’s cold outside

A battle over utility bills is Mauricio Macri’s first big crisis. Mauricio Macri said the energy crisis was the most complex of the “many bombs”  Kirchner had left for him.

Airbnb flourishes in Rio due to Olympics

The number of Airbnb listings in the Olympic host city have doubled during the last 2 years, and are helping spread the earnings throughout the city.

Evo Morales confirms Bolivia’s economic downturn

During an unprecedented session of Congress Morales reviewed the nation’s chief economic figures, which, he acknowledged, have shown a downturn over the last two years.

Ecuador becomes a vocal member of fight against tax havens

Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Relations opened up about Ecuador’s relation with tax havens, and expressed the governments distrust in them.

Kuczynski eager to spur mining industry back into action

Peru’s recently installed President has shared his interest in restarting the work on Tia Maria copper mine, which was halted following protests by local residents.

New oil deposits discovered in northern Cuba

The Australian company MEO Australia Ltd has found light oil on the northern coast of Cuba. Officials say further research must be done before determining oil's quality

Credit rating agencies share negative perspective of Colombia

Moody’s and Fitch, two of the most renowned voices in the world of international finance have both taken Colombia’s credit rating down a notch.

Who really won the legal battle between Philip Morris and Uruguay?

The tobacco giant has to pay $7m to the small South American nation in a dispute over cigarette adverts. But the case could still set a worrying precedent

Foreign visitors to spend US$200 Million in Brazil during olympics

The estimate by the Central Bank takes into consideration foreign spending by visitors from the end of July to the start of September, and does not include the Paralympic Games.

Cuba’s economy: Caribbean contagion

Venezuela’s pneumonia infects the communist island. The crisis seems to have slowed reforms of Cuba’s socialist economy, which were never rapid.

Gulf of Mexico oil contracts could be worth up to $11 billion

In their second round or auctions, the Mexican government will put up 15 oil rich areas for sale.

Toyota “Very Optimistic” about Latin America’s potential

St. Angelo, the head of Toyota for Latin America and the Caribbean,  evaluated Toyota’s recent investments in Latin America at $800 million, which included the renovation of its plant in Argentina and the creation of an engineering center in Brazil.

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