Labor policy ‘reorientation’ in LatAm is urgent, says UN report

Although LatAm is proud of its achievements towards battling unemployment, the positive trends are starting to stall, which may permanently damage the regional economy.

Tierra del Fuego, the tax haven at the end of the world

A giant economic experiment at Argentina’s southern tip is starting to flag.  To lure people to this wild corner of the Earth, it exempted firms and residents from most taxes.

Big influx of Canadian aid for post-conflict Colombia

Following the definitive ceasefire with the FARC Canada sees great potential in Colombia, the rewards of peace may already be showing.

Could Universal Basic Income work in LatAm?

The Swiss rejected the proposal of over $2500 to every adult citizen, no matter how much they worked, but could a similar scheme operate in LatAm?

Brazil’s Temer Emphasizes Agroindustrial Role

Brazil’s interim president, Michel Temer, emphasized the role of agroindustry in the country’s development and called for “national reunification” to guarantee jobs in the sector.

Colombia imported a record amount of agricultural produce this year

The amount and value of agricultural imports in the month of April alone is over 70% higher than last year’s equivalent, it is the highest in 20 years.

How Bolivia continues to endure the commodities crisis

Bolivia’s fast growth seems to know no end, as even with the adversity of low commodity prices their economy does not falter.

Argentina’s ‘zero poverty’ goals called ‘unachievable’

Trying to clear up doubts surrounding the policies used to reduce poverty, Marcos Peña President of the Minister’s Cabinet claimed zero poverty goals are a ‘goal as a society’.

Why are cars so expensive in Argentina?

he difference between the cost of a new car in Argentina and the same one anywhere else in the region is abysmal, here’s why.

Why Latin America needs to save more

Many economists believe that if Latin America’s economies are to grow at 5% a year or more, they need to invest around 25% of GDP.

Puerto Rico's second debt default

The Puerto Rican government has prepared the way with the few resources at its disposal for the next non-payment of its debt, knowing that Washington will not allow it to declare bankruptcy before July 1.

Trouble for Correa´s new-fangled Currency

People have always turned to trade to better their lives. Ecuador is pushing electronic currency despite its negative effects on the economy

Political instability and Brazil’s economic recovery

“There are foreign investors who have sought out me or my (Cabinet) ministers and the question always comes up: what will happen in August?” Temer said, referring to the expected conclusion of Rousseff’s trial in the Senate.

Poverty in Latin America: Don’t look down

In the first decade of the new millennium Latin America grew more equal.. Escaping poverty was easy enough. Staying out of it looks harder

30 Million latin americans risk sliding back into poverty

The economic slowdown and lack of consistent public policies could send between 25 million and 30 million people back into poverty in Latin America

Panama Canal’s challenge after expansion is to remain competitive

Panama Canal seeks different ways to remain competitive, including reminding clients that this is “a greener route.”

Venezuela: Oil shock and economic catastrophe

Oil has permeated every aspect of Venezuelan life since pumping began in 1914, but mismanagement has fuelled a crisis.

The economic effects of the quinoa fad on the Andean people

For centuries, indigenous peoples of the Andes were the only ones who could grow quinoa, but as the world demands more of it how will they cope?

Economic slump might cause bigger airlines to pounce on Avianca

Buyers interested in tapping on the LatAm travel market will be eyeing Avianca, as the strong US dollar might allow them to get in for cheap.

A new 'superport' opens in Brazil

An industrial complex the size of Manhattan opened this week, the man who envisioned it, Eike Batista, was notably absent in the inauguration.

Unemployment settles down in Chile once again

This year the job market in Chile finally showed signs of weakness ass joblessness caught up to slower economic growth.

Oil tankers turned away at the door in Venezuela

Four tankers carrying over 2 million barrels of crude oil were refused discharge in Venezuela due to a shortage of funds in state-controlled PDVSA.

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