Microcredits hugely profitable in LatAm’s turbulent economy

Small lenders rejoice, their business grew almost $36 billion over the last decade. Their service offers mixed results to the most vulnerable.

Santander “Cautiously Optimistic” about mexican economy

Mexico’s gross domestic product will grow this year by between 2.5 percent and 2.6 percent despite volatility in the global economy.

Remittances are now Mexico’s number one source of foreign income

The oil crisis took Mexico’s earnings down a peg, and with a stronger dollar, remittances are now the more significant foreign inflow since 2014.

Earthquakes’ aftermath can be felt in Ecuadorian economy

Reparation costs force important tax hikes, asset sales and important bond emissions, the impacts can be considerable.

Inflation confronts Argentina with big challenge

Buenos Aires residents struggle to put food on the table as lifting of energy subsidies prompts jump in consumer prices.

Argentina´s renewable energy plan could create 8,000 Jobs

Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday unveiled a national plan that aims to increase renewable energy use by 18 percent by 2025 and create between 5,000 and 8,000 jobs.

The Caribbean must steer away from Venezuelan oil

Many countries throughout the region have been enjoying cheap oil through Venezuela's Petrocaribe program, but continued dependence could spell disaster.

Puerto Rico crisis to get worse before it gets any better

A weak economic and industrial infrastructure means Puerto Rico’s hopes to exit the crisis as successfully as others in their position are slim.

Urban unemployment in Latin America to increase 7% this year

Urban unemployment in Latam will hit 7% this year, growing 0.5 percent point from last year’s 6.5% rate, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Gambling scandal puts top secret Chilean fund in jeopardy

Chile manages a confidential fund for weapons, and one of its top operatives might have blown its cover by gambling it away.

What are the effects of Colombia’s biggest gas finding?

The recent gas discovery of Ecopetrol, Colombia’s state oil company, is expected to have important effect on the country’s economy.

Rousseff will increase government expenditure despite facing impeachment

In a move aimed towards regaining popularity, the Brazilian president announced greater coverage for state benefits, despite a record budget deficit.

Puerto Rico's default

Puerto Rico has defaulted on a $422m (£289m) debt payment due on Monday, but won breathing space from some major creditors for further talks.

Chile's economy in trouble

Chile's jobless rate rose more than expected in the first quarter as two years of sluggish growth finally caught up with the labor market, signaling stronger headwinds for Latams's wealthiest economy.

Venezuela raises minimum wage as high inflation bites

Pay rise of 30 percent comes amid runaway inflation and food shortages as socialist government hopes to calm tensions.

Major oil companies on red alert as conditions may signal catastrophe

Statistical rating organization Fitch has warned seven of the largest oil exporters that they may report losses as high as 22% for 2016.

Ecuador continues to go all in for hydroelectric energy

The Coca Codo Sinclair electric dam was inaugurated last week and stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to hydroelectric resources.

Why has LatAm adopted the Bitcoin?

Amid economic uncertainty, LatAm found some security in the Bitcoin as its use rose 1,747% during 2015. Why is the region so eager to get into cryptocurrencies?

Unemployment spike in Argentina should worry Macri

19,424 layoffs during March only should trigger a response from the government, which already has a serious approval problem.

Cuban farmers in 'agony' waiting for promised reforms

In Cuban farm country,  a world away from Havana's tourist-filled streets, producers are seething at what they say is the government's backsliding on promised market reforms to make their lives better.

Colombia’s Ecopetrol granted clean diesel patent in Malaysia

Colombian state-controlled oil company Ecopetrol said it was granted a patent by Malaysia to produce diesel that is cleaner and comes from renewable sources.

Why has Peru’s economic growth spurt come to a halt?

After regularly posting impressive numbers of 6 and 7% annual GDP growth a few years ago, Peru is now down to more modest figures. Is economic openness is now longer yielding results?

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