Latin America commodities

How will Latin America end its dependence on commodities?

Low demand and higher prices of commodities are constantly damaging Latin American economy. What steps should it take to end this dependence?

China’s economic growth

China’s hidden reality is affecting its economy

Despite China’s economic growth, studies show that its productivity is decreasing considerably. What are the global repercussions?

Inequality in Latin America

Inequality reduction has slowed in Latin America

The decline in inequality in terms of income distribution observed since 2008 results from the priority that countries give to social development objectives

Santos Trump

Trump’s words don’t match his budget

At first, the visit of Juan Manuel Santos to the White House turned out easier than expected. However, Trump’s proposed budget dragged spirits down.

Lenín Moreno

A bright, new future for Ecuador

Lenín Moreno's presidency has officially begun. His economic and political intentions will determine the country's stability.


NAFTA rewrite planned

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer sent a letter to congressional leaders, starting 90 days of consultations

Central America: Northern Triangle

Northern Triangle: A never-ending crisis?

How are the conditions in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador affecting the economy of the region?

icaraguan Interoceanic Canal

What happened to the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal?

What started as one of the biggest economic projects in the region ended as a mysterious flop.

What are the effects of Colombia’s biggest gas finding?

The recent gas discovery of Ecopetrol, Colombia’s state oil company, is expected to have important effect on the country’s economy.

How Venezuela ruined its oil industry

How can it be that the country with the world's largest proved oil reserves can't afford to feed its people? The current crisis can be traced to the historical management of the country's oil industry.

Brazil Unemployment Crisis Worse In 20 Years

The population of Brazilians without a job is now equal to the city of London and Rio de Janeiro, combined

Maduro hikes Venezuela minimum wage by 60%

Venezuela is the country with the world’s highest inflation, which the International Monetary Fund predicts will increase to 2,000 percent next year.

Colombia urges a pension reform

The current fiscal gap calls for an urgent reform in the pension funds system.

Bolivia’s minimum wage sees 301% rise

Bolivian minimum wage rose 310 per cent since President Evo Morales took office in 2006, with an annually continuous increase in the interest of workers.

Growth returns to Latin America & Caribbean

The World Bank says that countries in the Caribbean and Latin America are now pursuing countercyclical fiscal policies, in that they are spending more in bad times and saving in good times.

Colombians’ debt with banks increases

Despite good feelings towards economic future, Colombians still carry big debts with banks.

Venezuela staves off default, but low oil prices pose a threat

Venezuela has put off a reckoning on its tens of billions of dollars in debt, but its ability to avoid a disastrous default will probably require much higher oil prices

Against all odds, Mexico’s economy is thriving

Trump’s initial threats against Mexico seem to be in stand-by. Meanwhile, it’s time for the country to strengthen its institutions.

Bogotá International Book Fair: The state of the publishing industry

On April 25, Bogotá will have its International Book Fair. We spoke with the Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Books about it.

Colombia wants to unite scientific research and businesses

The “Spin-off” project, which seeks to transfer knowledge from Colombian schools to businesses, could have a big push in 2017.

Colombia’s Avianca caught in battle between shareholders

Stock of Colombia’s national airline Avianca has sold off by more than 25% this year

Latin America can't stand the costs of Mother Nature

The recent tragedies in Peru and Colombia have put on perspective the fragility of LatAm countries against natural phenomena.

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