Fashion and technology: this is the new Louis Vuitton accessory

May 23, 2019 Fashion
Creativity, design and execution are the characteristics of these new bags that were launched in the Cruiser 2020 in New York

Cannes: when the red carpet becomes political

May 22, 2019 Movies
As demonstrated by the recent denunciation of the murder of Mauricio Lezama in Cannes, the festivals are also a place for political demonstration

5 disappointing endings of successful series

May 21, 2019 Movies
Game of Thrones was not the only series with a disappointing outcome. WARNING: there are spoilers of 5 series, so if you read the name of the show and you have not seen it, we recommend you…

Disney announced the calendar of its films until 2027

May 20, 2019 Movies
Disney confirmed all the films it will make in the coming years. Among them, there is a new trilogy of Star Wars and four more movies of Avatar

Influencers: when you have everything to win on your side

May 17, 2019 Celebrities
Regardless of what business influencers venture into, their fame will immediately make them win regardless of the quality

How much do you know about Disney?

May 17, 2019 Movies
If you are a Disney fan, measure your knowledge with this quiz

5 youtubers that have been in the eye of the storm

May 16, 2019 Celebrities
James Charles is not the only one to be involved in controversy so strong that has been forced to face public derision

Controversy at Cannes: Alain Delon and the petition against his award

May 16, 2019 Movies
The Cannes film festival already has a long history of controversy. The last one is the critique towards the honorific award that was granted to Alain Delon

YouTube quits the competition against Amazon and Netflix

May 15, 2019 Movies
The platform announced that now its original series will be available for free as of 2020

The portrait of a psychopathic artist in 'The House that Jack Built'

May 13, 2019 Movies
In a comedy key, the last film by Lars von Trier shows different episodes in the life of Jack, an American serial killer who always get away with muder

The West-Kardashian family grows

May 10, 2019 Celebrities
The fourth child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was born at dawn. It is known that he looks like his sister Chicago. More details here

5 farewell tours that were a lie

May 10, 2019 Music
We compiled five musicians who at the time came out to say that they were leaving the stage, but time quickly denied them

'Case Colmenares': the unsolved crime that Netflix adapted

May 09, 2019 Movies
The second part of the series Crime Diaries: Night Out caused controversy when talking about a topic as recent and unresolved as it is the 'Case Colmenares'

Everything you need to know about El Marginal 3

May 08, 2019 Movies
El Marginal will have a third season. Here we will show you all the details of the new part of San Onofre's prison drama

Eccentricity took the Met Gala 2019

May 08, 2019 Fashion
Barbie, Cinderella, the phantom of the opera and even fast food were some of the inspirations of the big fashion houses in this edition of the Met Gala
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