These are the 5 sexiest Latino men

We show you the sexiest Latino men

These are the 5 sexiest Latino men

We already made a selection of the sexiest men in the world. However, we want to mention those Latin men who have taken more than a breath away from us. From singers to soccer players, we introduce you to the sexiest Latinos.

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1. Maluma

The singer, loved by some and hated by others, was selected by People magazine in Spanish as the sexiest man of 2018. The winner of the Latin Grammy in the Best Pop Album category for his album 'FAME', has worked in the industry of music for more than 7 years and has conquered the hearts of millions of fans.

2. William Levy

This actor of Cuban origin, emigrated to the United States at age 15, and since he was a child he always liked to play baseball. Thanks to this, he obtained a university scholarship and began to study business administration. In that period he was also interested in acting and modeling and thanks to God! Because if it had not been like that, we would not have seen it in novels such as Triumphs of Love, Murderous Women and in films like Resident Evil: Final Chapter.

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3. Luciano D'Alessandro González

This Venezuelan actor has conquered the screens of Venezuela, Colombia and the rest of Latin America. He began in the world of acting conducting commercials. Despite not having experience in acting, starred in novels such as Wrist of Rag, My fat Bella, Family Secrets. He recently returned to Colombian television in the second season of the novel "La ley del corazón 2", playing the character Pablo Domínguez Ortíz.

4. Ricky Martin

This Puerto Rican has us 'Living the crazy life'. His looks and his wicked smile have taken the sigh of more than one. Many of his fans come from the time where he was part of the Menudo youth group. With his 46 years he continues more current than ever, this, because Martin stays alive exploring new genres and making collaborations with the most important artists.

5. Paulo Dybala

This Argentine, player of the Juventus of Italy and the Argentine soccer team, is considered one of the revelations in the world of football. With only 25 years old, he is at the peak of his career, as he is one of the indispensable players when summoning the eleven players on the court. Its popularity not only attracts soccer lovers but millions of followers. In his Instagram account he already has 24.4 million followers.

We are aware that this list falls short and that we can not mention them all. However, do you agree with our selection? Who would you remove and whom would you put?

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