How to promote a music career in Uber

Arevalo is an artist who, in his free time, takes advantage of this transportation platform to give away his CDs to passengers

Pablo Arévalo

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Pablo Arévalo, best-known as Arevalo, is a 24 years old Colombian singer-songwriter. His songs are inspired by romanticism and happiness that captivates the people who listen to them. Arevalo's career began when he was 15 years old and won a contest in Los 40 Principales, a popular radio station. Thanks to this, he received the opportunity to sing in front of 50 thousand people in "The 40 event". Despite having 10 years of experience in the industry, he assures that it is not easy to appeal to radio stations.

This is why the artist decided to join Uber and make direct contact with people in order to prosper little by little. Arevalo is "looking for any spaces where I can meet people and find creative ways of doing it. I had a lot of CDs in my house, because nowadays the distribution of a musical material is digital. So, I found a way to make that my CDs pass from boxes in my house to other's houses".

"I try to pick up as much as people I can. Listen to their stories, to tell them mine and share my music. Finally, that's what I do in my concerts. I've had a wonderful time and is a different journey for the passengers. They receive more than simple transportation, they take my music and my story", assures Arevalo.

Uber is illegal in Colombia and, usually, taxi drivers have quarrels with Uber drives. However, Arevalo thinks that this platform is a great alternative both for users and for the drivers.

Pablo was nominee for the 2017 Viña del Mar Awards for his song, "Así no más". Despite not winning, it was a "special experience. It was the first time that I represented my country abroad".

For now, Arevalo's immediate work deals with collaboration with musicians such as Cali & El Dandee, Juan Magán and Martina La Peligrosa, among others. But, in he’s free time, Pablo Arevalo will keep using Uber and giving his music to his passengers.



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Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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