2016’s best environmental movies

‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’ are among the list.

Climate change is causing film-like scenarios to become a normal thing around the world. Natural disasters, indigenous tribes fighting big corporations, illegal fishing and even modern slavery are some of the themes documentarists chose to portrait in 2016.

Here are some of the best environmental movies 2016 left us:

How to let go of the world and love all the things climate change can’t change

The film shows the personal journey of director Josh Fox as he searches for the things climate change hasn’t change. He travels the world visiting communities hit by the effects of global warming and paints a portrait of the Earth’s environmental crisis.



This films uncovers how the fashion industry plays a part in destroying the Earth’s rivers through toxic chemical waste. As noted in the film: “There is a joke in China. They say you can predict the “it” color for the season by looking at the color of the river”


RiverBlue - Official Trailer from RiverBlue on Vimeo.

Years of living dangerously

The Emmy awarded National Geographic’s series continued in 2016 featuring the Amazon, China, coal, the ocean, and many more. It “reveals emotional and hard-hitting accounts of the effects of climate change from across the planet.”


Before the flood

Leonardo DiCaprio’s highly anticipated project was released this year and it was free for audiences around the world to see. The film reveals what people on the frontlines of climate change are doing, from indigenous communities to inside the UN. His overall message was said in his Oscar’s speech, “Climate change is real. It is happening right now.”


Deepwater Horizon

The film features the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is recognized as one of the worst environmental disasters in the US history. This tragedy deeply impacted biodiversity and 11 people died from the explosion. You’ll be able to see on the big screen how the tragedy unfolded.


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