Chico O´Farrill returns to Cuba

Arturo O'Farrill, the son of the "afrocuban jazz architect" Chico O'Farrill, will finally fulfill his father's desire. After the improvement of the relations between the US and Cuba, the remains of the illustrious Cuban trumpeter will rest in peace in his island, just as he wanted. 

"He had a great sadness for not being able to return to his country," said Arturo, also a pianist and songwriter. "The only thing that made her cry was the memory of the Cuba of her childhood."

"My father's spirit is uneasy because he does not rest on his land. I am proud to have the position to help this process," he added.

The gesture would not have been possible without the help of the Cuban Ministry of Culture, the Office of the Historian of Havana and the US Embassy. On the island

Boy always regretted not visiting his country. He did not want to "look bad" with his Miami audience. His ashes remain in his home New York but on October 29 traveled to Cuba for a religious service in the Basilica San Francisco de Asís and a posteriori eternal rest in the necropolis of Colon of Havana.

"I felt the desire of my father and his need to rest where he came from. Our trip is not about politics, ideology, nationalism or patriotism," said the orchestra director, who won a Grammy this year for the theme "The Afro Latin Jazz Suite". He also said that taking the remains of his father to Cuba to fulfill the promise he made when six years, for the musician's birthday.

Arturo will travel to Cuba with his family and his Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, which he founded and directs, and after the service will pay homage to his father - June 27, 2001 - with classic songs and Big Band that he composed.

Some of the themes of Chico are played during the tribute that invite the Cuban director Guido López Gavilán, to the front of the Chamber Orchestra of Havana.

The young O'Farrill has extended the legacy of his father, especially as founder and artistic director of the Afro-American Jazz Alliance, a non-profit art and educational organization that are most visible in the Afro-Latin Orchestra Jazz, A worldwide acclaimed band.

His father learned to play the trumpet at a military academy, returned to Cuba to study law and returned on a trip without return to New York, in 47 '. He began working as an arranger without anyone recognizing his talent until he met the clarinetist and orchestra conductor Benny Goodman, for whom he composed Undercurrent Blues, it was Benny who named "Chico" for the first time.

Definitely, Arturo padre is one of the most influential composers of the Afro-Cuban jazz genre. For many specialists, who has achieved a tighter tone, with subtle colored scores.

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