Latin American animation: Netflix next step

Latin America is a continent full of myths, stories and traditions. Many of the stories that are told are part of the oral tradition that comes from the popular imagination and for the first time Netflix productions will share them with the whole world in an animated version.

Inspired by the successful tetralogy of films for children of Ánima Estudios - which takes characters from Hispanic American folklore as La Llorona; La Nahuala, the mummies of Guanajuato or the Chupacabras- giving place to Las Leyendas, the first animated series of Netflix produced in Latin America.

The first season of 13 episodes will be released in 30 languages worldwide next year. According to the synopsis, the adventure is set in the year 1800, in which they will introduce Leo San Juan, a foolish but heroic teenager, who has the ability to communicate with ghosts and monsters. One day, the protagonist's hometown disappears and jumps to another dimension so he must join forces with a group of very peculiar ghosts: Don Andrés, an old specter a little crazy, but a great friend; Teodora, the ghost of an amateur girl in social networks; Alebrije, a mythological creature who is always hungry; And finally, Finado and Moribunda, a pair of living sugar skulls. This bizarre team, inspired by the characters of the award-winning producer Ricardo Arnaiz, must fight against the malicious plans of Quetzalcoatl, an entity of another dimension, who for centuries has desired to conquer the universe. San Juan and his friends from beyond will travel in their magic ship to the most famous and mystical corners of the world to fight evil and confront the entourage of creatures that threatens the welfare of everyone.

Ánima Estudios takes the lead of this project after having made popular contents for children like El Chavo Animado, for television, and Don Gato and his Gang, for the cinema. For this Latin American series, they were joined by writer James Krieg, known for his work on other children's content products such as Scooby-doo! Mysteries, Ben 10, The Justice League and Spooksville. Fernando de Fuentes, president of Ánima Estudios, believes that the success of La Leyenda del Chupacabras in cinema and the upcoming release of the series on Netflix, affirm the position of the brand to become a franchise.

The figures accompany his desire for expansion: the fourth installment of the adventures on the big screen of Leo San Juan became the second most viewed film in Mexico in its opening week last October, with a collection of more than two million of dollars. "We are happy that Ricardo Arnaiz has given us the license and the characters to continue the films and the series on Netflix. Depending on how we go, we would think of launching all the merchandising of the film, "De Fuentes told the media when the project was announced.

In this way, Netflix takes to the train of Disney, that has also bet for an animated television production inspired by the Hispanic American culture, the adventures of Elena de Ávalor, its first Latin princess. "I think our films talk a lot to Latinos with a great sense of humor and with a touch of fear that makes them successful," said the president of Ánima Estudios.

Another company that wants to follow the same path is Fox. Its headquarters in Latin America announced last October that it is developing City Hunters, the first cartoon production created in Argentina that is looking for global reach. Meanwhile, it only remains to hope for the future that holds Leo San Juan and his supernatural gang in their attempt to win the preference of children in the streaming platform.

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