Moscow and its love for Julieta Venegas

"I'm very curious, I've never been to Moscow, and I'm very curious to know who is going to go to the show, if they are even coming. (Laughs) I am very excited, very eager to meet people there", says the winner of six Latin Grammy Awards, a Grammy Award and three Oye Awards.

The Parte Mía Tour was designed as an intimate concert in which Venegas is accompanied only by two musicians, Matías Saavedra and Sergio Silva. The Mexican artist stated to EFE, "for me it has been a very special experience because I am used to shows with larger groups of people. This has been great for me because it’s been like returning to the acoustic [aspect of the industry], returning to the essence of the songs and returning to the starting point".

Julieta Venegas admitted that going back to smaller crowds " [is] very inspiring because I imagine the things that can be done and it makes me want to write other songs. It's been a couple of years since I started writing and now I feel it as a need in my life”.

While on tour, Venegas is accompanied by her six-year-old daughter Simona, who, she points out, has "suffered and enjoyed" the European tour. The Mexican song writer commented, "yesterday she [Simona] said to me: 'Mom, I do not want to go to places where other languages are ​​spoken'”.

From Moscow, Julieta Venegas will travel to Madrid, the last concert of the Parte Mía Tour in the European continent. One can only hope she will take much needed rest and write new songs for her fans.

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido

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