What is the fate of James Rodriguez?

Various international media publications indicate that there are three teams interested in having the midfielder in their payroll

What is the fate of James Rodriguez?

The sporting life of James Rodriguez continues to give much to talk about. Recently, and because of the coming end of the loan player between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, there has been much speculation around this issue and possible scenarios.

The Colombian player has had a good season in the Bavarian club. The player has scored goals and has provided important assistances; additionally, the athlete has become an important man in the group for their peers. However, one should consider that the sport after all is a money business; therefore, money will be one of the determining factors in the future of the sporting life of the Colombian.

According to the newspaper Bild in Germany, also ratified by journalists from Caracol Radio in Colombia, there are three strong options for the future of James. These teams are Real Madrid, Bayern, and recently Liverpool. Then, what are the real options for the player? Furthermore, how will be the negotiations?

Real Madrid

Simple, this team owns the cucuteño’s sportive rights. If nothing extraordinary happens, in terms of large monetary bids for the player, Real Madrid would keep owing James’ sports rights. At this point arises a condition of the possible continuity or the end of cycle of James in the bench. If Zinedine Zidane remains in the technical team, the player may not have a future in the team plans, so there would be the possibility of sale or a new loan. On the opposite, if Zidane ends up leaving the club, it remains to be seen whether the new DT considers James in his plans.

Bayern Munich

German cast is another strong candidate to obtain James services. However, considering soccer is a business, surely this team will want to offer a sum of money not so onerous. At the end, the Colombian midfielder has a high market price and the Bavarian managers will want to drop the exorbitant cost that Real Madrid paid out when it took James from Monaco.


Now, according to Bild, this team has manifested a special interest to gain the services of Rodriguez. The team’s objective would be to use the money received by Coutinho from Barcelona and restore the talent in the midfield. It is said that the English team would put on the table a huge figure for James. However, Bayern has been very open about the possible of buying the player. For this reason, it is speculated that the real intention of the British group is to get the rumor to get to Real Madrid managers, to negotiate directly with the club without using third parties.

We will have to wait how this issue progresses. What it is certain is that the World Cup in Russia, which will be held next June, will hinge to define this hot topic. It depends on James and his performance, during the orbital meeting, if he increases, maintains or decreases his value for the next transfer market.


Latin American Post | Freddy gonalez
Translated from “¿Cuál es el destino de James Rodríguez?”

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