Poland and the controversial law about the Holocaust

On February 1,2018 the Polish Parliament voted a law to “rewrite” the Holocaust

Poland and the controversial law about the Holocaust

What is this law about?

The law refers to the events that took place in the Second War World and later Media journalistic coverage. It passed with 57 votes in favor and 23 against.

The party Law and Justice (Right-Wing) has launched a tremendous campaign to establish a law to blame and punish the use of the expression “Polish concentration camps”. Also, the law convicts the use of the word “Poland” to relate the country in complicity with the crimes of the Third Reich.

Part of the Polish population disagree with media around the world writing in their highlights or titles phrases such as “Polish Concentration Camps”. For that reason, deputies have expressed that they were not responsible for the Holocaust atrocities, which the German soldiers committed on concentration camps like Auschwitz in Poland.

When Media refers to the Second World War, they transmit Poland was directly responsible for the dead of thousands of Jews and that is an historical mistake, some government supporters could say.

This polish law seeks to protect journalists, artist, and thinkers. Polish authorities won’t be pursuing for their activities in Poland, as with this law is valid in any territory. Therefore, it does not matter where people break this rule, according with Deustche Welle.

International reactions

The promulgation of the law has brought some problems to Poland with United States and Israel governments.

The American Government is quite worried for the next implications that this rule might bring in Poland. With this law, Polish authorities might commit some mistakes and deny the liabilities of some Poland citizens.

For that reason, the American government has encouraged the Polish Government to re-think its position about this controversial law. Nevertheless, United States is conscious that this European country has been appointed as responsible for crime war they did not commit.

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu president of Israel was not so much happy for the Poland decision. Netanyahu believes that law is an attempt to re-write the history and it is inadmissible. Moreover, the Polish Government wants to discuss and clarify this new rule with Netanyahu.

Current Polish society

It is notorious the Right-Wing has increased in Poland since many migrants have arrived at this Slavic country from countries such as Syria, Irak or Libya. Two events describe the current social situation in Poland: one, the last Poland independence day’s celebration and, second, the last presidential elections.

First of all, each November 11, Polish celebrate their independence day; however, on the last celebration something surprised the witnesses who were waiting for the parades on the streets. Roughly, 60.000 strikers decided to get out at the Warsaw streets with Nazi flags and decals. They were protesting for the catholic supremacy and against of the migrant constant flows, some people on the strike sang “Homeland, God and Honour”.

Second, the last Polish elections were celebrated on October 25, 2015, and the right-wing party Law and Justice won the absolute majority in the parliament. In addition, the Andrzej Duda candidate won the presidency in this same year with the party Law and Justice, the extremism gained all the powers since 2015.

Thus, with this panorama in Poland is not strange the government and parliament pass controversial laws as the Holocaust law, they do not have too much people against them and the actual government enjoys great popularity.


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Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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