From Latam to Africa: A lion's dream

A wildlife advocacy group prepares to send more than a dozen lions rescued from Peru and Colombia to a sanctuary in South Africa.

The lions at this rescue center in Lima, Peru, are getting ready for a big trip. Later this week they will be flown to a sanctuary in South Africa where they will spend the rest of their days in natural enclosures with drinking pools and toys.

These 24 big cats were rescued from circuses during surprise raids organized by Animal Defenders International. Almost all of the lions have had their claws removed.

Some have broken teeth.... or problems with their eyes making it nearly impossible for them to survive in the wild. Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer says the rescue efforts show that change is possible.

PRESIDENT, ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL, JAN CREAMER :"...It's a statement about the importance of showing respect and compassion to other species but also it shows people that we can make a change." An additional nine lions rescued from circuses in Colombia will join the 24 from Lima. ADI say they are still accepting donations as it will cost about 10,000 U.S. dollars to transport each lion.

Reuters | Julie Noce

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