Fishes turn an abandoned building into a holy place

Legal problems with town council forced mall_s owners to start demolition of upper floors at the end of the nineties.

After several delays in the procedure and the accumulation of unlucky incidents, the shopping centre remained helpless and with uncovered ceiling.

Rainwater accumulated during years and floods that Thai suffered in 2011 contributed to create a 500 square metres pond inside this building.

Pool became quickly a perfect habitat in which millions of mosquito can put their eggs.

Neighbours, who were tired of bites and afraid of a dengue outbreak, decided to throw several tens of fishes into the artificial pond because they will fed of mosquito_s larvae.

Favoured by abundance of food and absence of predators, fishes multiplied themselves to become a huge shoal that still lives inside the shopping centre.

"Each day tens of people come to make their offerings and to throw food to fishes. We won_t allow them to demolish this place, there are animals living here and a lot of people who come to this holy place", a devoted neighbour commented.


Bangkok, Noel Caballero

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