Art’s role in saving Guatemala’s biodiversity

Protecting traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples can preserve biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of its people. 

Colombia bans small plastic bags' distribution

No longer bags smaller to 30x30 cm can be used around the country. 

Costa Rica's renewables conceal dependence on oil

Costa Rica produced 98% of its electricity last year without fossil fuels but the sustainable success story unravels with the rising demand for gasoline and cars

Bees are delivering natural pesticides

This environmentally friendly and cost effective process prevents plants from diseases.

Nine creatures named after Barack Obama

Even if Obama is leaving office soon he will forever be immortalized in the species scientists have named after him.

2016’s best environmental movies

‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’ are among the list.

About 40% of Colombia’s land is degraded

Cattle ranching, agriculture, mining housing and tourism are among the causes and they could lead to a decrease in productivity and an imbalance in ecosystems. 

5% of oceans are now protected

The world now considers 3.6 million square kilometers of ocean as marine protected areas. 

Climate change fight is struggling with methane

A decade long surge in methane emissions is making the fight against climate change even harder, warned researchers.

Bogota’s newest tires recycling program

Students from Colombian National University are using tire powder to create insulating construction material.

How are invasive species damaging Colombian biodiversity?

Pigeons, African land snails and lionfish are some of the species threating the country. 

Illegal gold mining is destroying Peru’s forests

62,500 hectares of forest have been lost in only 4 years.

Latin America is set to become a leader in alternative energy

The power of the Andean sun. Chile has the largest solar-energy plant in Latin America and among the dozen biggest in the world.

Chiribiquete Park under threat

One of Colombia’s largest Natural National Parks is under threat from cattle ranching and illicit crops cultivation.

Food: Are you as green as you thought?

Have you ever wondered how many food miles does your favorite meal has?

The Silvery-brown tamarin defies extinction

The Colombian primate has survived despite illegal trafficking and habitat loss.

Uruguay’s transition towards eco parks

Since 2011 Uruguayan’s zoos have been turning into eco parks and natural reserves and most of its animals are now enjoying better life conditions. 

South American countries committed with saving the Andean Mountain Cat

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru house the UICN’s endangered species. 

Over 46 tons of residues were recovered in Colombian cities

‘Limpiemos Colombia’ first edition results and here’s a project that could benefit from it.

Clothing: Are you as green as you thought?

For every pair of jeans 2,900 gallons of water are used. 

Colombian cities are preparing for a cleanup journey

This Sunday people from Colombian major cities be cleaning up their most emblematic places. 

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