Guatemala’s market is replacing plastic bags with plantain leaves

San Pedro La Laguna’s market aims to eradicate the use of plastic bags. 

Colombia’s environmental market could grow

It is the first Latin American country to publish a diagnosis on its environmental market. 

Uruguayans cleaned up their coasts

Plastic residues, debris, wood and tires were recovered from the ocean. 

Chile connects Latam's largest solar plant to the national grid

Spanish clean energy company Acciona Energía has connected the 246MW El Romero solar plant in Atacama desert, Chile to the county’s Interconnected Central System

Are you as green as you thought?

We explore the meaning of being environmentally friendly in the 21st century. 

REDD+ in Colombia: ancestral knowledge as the base for development

Colombian take on conservation seeks to protect Amazonian biodiversity through indigenous traditions.

REDD+ in Colombia: ancestral knowledge as the base for development

Colombian take on conservation seeks to protect Amazonian biodiversity through indigenous traditions.

This year more than 20,000 animals have been trafficked in Colombia

Turtles, iguanas, caimans and canaries are the most trafficked species.

CO2 levels unlikely to dip below pre-2015 levels for many generations

Average concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached new records this year, marking a new era of climate change.

Colombian Ministry of Environment to invest 5,000 million pesos to clean up bay

20,000 families could benefit from the clean-up of the Tumaco bay in the Pacific region.

Pollution might have caused the death of 10,000 endangered frogs in Peru

Authorities are investigating the disaster in the Coata River, a tributary of Lake Titicaca.

Colombians march to demand Farc peace deal be revived

Thousands of Colombians have taken part in marches to demand that a peace deal signed by the government and Farc rebels be upheld.

Using science to tackle climate change in the coffee world

Costa Rican coffee producers are fighting climate change through agroforestry, harvesting rainwater and the use of more resisting varieties. 

9 out of 10 people in the world live with excessive air pollution

The UN World Health Organization says 6.5 million people die annually from air pollution, with nearly 90% of them occurring in low and middle-income countries. 

Bolivia is hit by the strongest drought in the last 25 years

The country is struggling with 141 from its 339 municipalities in a state of emergency because of the loss of crops and livestock.

Colombia's Wiwas take the lead on conservation

This indigenous group is working with The Nature Conservancy NGO to protect the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The moon might be triggering the most powerful earthwakes

Large earthwakes are more likely to occur during the two lunar phases when tidal stresses on Earth are the highest, Japanese study reveals. 

Peru is earning millions for stopping deforestation

Through REDD+ programs Peru has earned $33.5 million dollars in the last 2 years and aims to further reduce deforestation. 

The International Criminal Courts backs the environment

The ICC will begin treating crimes against environment as crimes against humanity. 

Its probable climate change caused the migration of humans out of Africa

An article published in Nature explains why is it possible climate change caused the peopling of the world. 

10% of the Earth's wilderness destroyed

In the last 25 years we've destroyed 10% of the Earth's wilderness. 132,000 square kilometers per year have been lost since 1990, recent study says.

Amazonia Live in Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio has launched its environmental project Amazonia Live which aims to plant over a million trees.

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