The International Criminal Courts backs the environment

The ICC will begin treating crimes against environment as crimes against humanity. 

Its probable climate change caused the migration of humans out of Africa

An article published in Nature explains why is it possible climate change caused the peopling of the world. 

10% of the Earth's wilderness destroyed

In the last 25 years we've destroyed 10% of the Earth's wilderness. 132,000 square kilometers per year have been lost since 1990, recent study says.

Amazonia Live in Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio has launched its environmental project Amazonia Live which aims to plant over a million trees.

Pulses reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Lentils, dried beans and peas, the most common pulses contribute in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as they need less fertilizer. 

5 Facts about the Amazon fires

Amazon's wildfire season began in July and will end in November, but this time most of the fires are far from being natural. 

We could loose coffee to climate change

Over 120 million people in more than 70 countries depend on the coffee economy but climate change is halving its production. 

Most climate change is caused by just 90 companies

Research shows how two-thirds of anthropogenic carbon emissions originated in 90 companies and government-run industries. 

While giant pandas celebrate, the eastern gorilla is closer to extinction

The IUCN Red List update reports four out of six great ape species are now Critically Endangered. 

What's been going on in the World Conservation Congress?

World protected areas reach only 15% of its land but crucial biodiversity zones are left out. 

Ecosystems inevitable fate caused by dams

There is a global pattern of sustained species extinction within hydroelectric reservoirs. 

Mexico has always been a biodiversity hotspot

German and Mexican scientists have been investigating the importance of this area for biodiversity even 200 million years ago. 

These are Latin America's Green Awards

Last week the best 500 projects of the region were showcased.

Removing invasive species to save native wildlife

Species like lionfish, capybaras, rats and goats are some examples that harm not only the environment but the economy. 

Scientists have discovered the first Galapagos endemic bird species to go extinct

The commonly known San Cristobal Vermillion Flycatcher hasn't been seen since 1987. 

4 stories about indigenous people and their fight against climate change

Deforestation, racism, mining companies and the oil industries are among the topics. 

Peru's newest environmental policies

They aim to invest in ecosystem services, protect forests, mitigate climate change and decrease biodiversity losses. 

The war took care of the landscape

If Colombian peace deal comes to an end, tourism will replace the loneliness of countless beautiful places the war has kept untouched. 

Coral Reef in the Pacific regained life

Coral Castles Reef in the Pacific was declared dead in 2003, 13 years later it is sparkling with life.

The real threat of melting glaciers are floods

Experts say besides water scarcity, South American glaciers melting threats with flooding the area. 

10 tons of fish dead in Colombian Swamp

The Marine and Coastal Investigation Institute of Magdalena confirmed the elevated  death rates in Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta were caused by a lack of oxygen.

Coral Reef in the Pacific regained life

Coral Castles Reef in the Pacific was declared dead in 2003, 13 years later it is sparkling with life. 

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