What can Latin America learn from Germany's energy transition?

German 20 year energy transition can help Latin America move to a low carbon economy. 

Bogota dumpster becomes an oasis

Conservation International and neighbors from Bosque Calderón in eastern Bogotá have rehabilitated the ecosystem and continue conservation efforts.

Bogota dumpster becomes an oasis

Conservation International and neighbors from Bosque Calderón in eastern Bogotá have rehabilitated the ecosystem and continue conservation efforts. 

Sanitation at Rio Olympics deserves no medals

Rio failed to meet environmental sanitation targets in it's beaches, rivers, lakes and lagoons. 

Major Amazon dam opposed by tribes fails to get environmental license

Brazil’s environmental regulator rules the dam’s backers had failed to supply information to show its social and environmental impact

Chernobyl could become a massive solar plant

30 years after the nuclear plant disaster the radioactive land could become a solar plant with 1,400MW capacity. 

Intense wildfire season expected in the Amazon

According to NASA the Amazon is suffering the driest start of dry season in the last 15 years.

The hottest day on record

If verified the 129.2 degrees Fahrenheit temperature registered in Mitribah, Kuwait on Thursday July 21 will be making part of history. 

Colombia inaugurates Latin America’s first large-tire recycling plant

Colombian mining company Carbones del Cerrejon Ltd. has inaugurated Latin America’s first large-tire recycling plant, which will export part of its production to other countries in the region and to Asia.

18 million trees to fight Mexico City pollution

With pollution levels at its highest the Ministry of Environment announced plans to reforest the area and fight pollution. 

9 new spots added to the World Heritage List

The list includes diverse landscapes and Mexican Archipielago de Revillagigedo is one of them. 

The town who says no to mining

The people of Tasco in Colombia are refusing the reopening of an iron mine in their region after they've become aware of its consequences. 

Solar impulse; no pulse for now

Solar Impulse is an airplane completely powered by solar energy.

It has incredibly long wings, 72m, is very lightweight, and has a maximum speed of 140km/h. 

Researchers forecast extreme wildlife migration

In a study published in Scientific Reports, scientists presume species will migrate even under moderate warming scenarios. 

'Three centuries' to catalogue all Amazon tree species

Tree species in the Amazon rainforest are so many and varied that it would take three centuries to catalogue them, a major study has estimated.

Environment in Latin America is a matter of human rights

2015 was the deadliest year for environmental activists and the region has been suffering the highest toll on the world. 

Peru wants to stop contamination in the Rimac River

Being the source of water for more than 10 million people its conservation and cleaning is a national matter. 

Colombian Cispatá Bay is given a second chance

The license which allowed construction of a port near the Cispatá Bay has been revoked. 

Mexico, Canada and the US to generate 50% of their electricity from clean energy

The joint climate plan was announced at the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa. 

Mexico City chokes on its congestion problem

Authorities are trying to reduce pollution in the capital but confused policy-making and rising car ownership are reducing the city to poisonous gridlock

There's a tarantula named after Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Kankuamo marquezi tarantula is found in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. 

Drought in Pilcomayo River is devastating

The Paraguayan government has declared the Pilcomayo river drought as the worst environmental emergency in 19 years. 

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