10 conservation fads and its results in Latin America

Experts analyze how these fads played out in the region

Chilean 113 days of free solar energy

The country has so much solar energy it gave it away. 

Light pollution is something to worry about

New research shows 83% of the world lives under light-polluted skies, this can damage human's health.

Ecological corridor to help vulnerable Andean species

The initiative intends to stabilize  El Oro parakeets population and reverse their decline. 

Climate change will have great impact on Latin America,

Climate change will have a great impact on Latin America, a region with vast biodiversity and economies that are highly dependent on commodities

Solar Voyager attempts the first solar powered crossing of the Atlantic

The autonomous boat was launched on June 1 and aims to complete a solar journey across the Atlantic.

CarbFix offers a hope to fight climate change

Researchers in Iceland are trapping CO2 by turning it into rock. 

We should increase tire's recycling

Latin American countries should worry about tire disposal as it poses environmental damage. 

Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reverse: successes and challenges

The reserve has generally succeeded in providing sustainable livelihoods but deforestation, oil developments and drug trafficking remain a huge problem.

Environmental study finds new bird species

Ornithologist Rafael Bessa was making his way through the woods he saw a Blue-eyed Ground-dove. Before that day, in 2015, the species had not been seen for 75 years.

Eco-crime is worth up to $258 billion dollars

Weak laws and poorly funded security forces enable criminal networks to profit from the plunder of Earth's resources. 

Study warns dams threaten the future of Amazonian biodiversity

An international team of biologists identified the negative interactions between dam construction and biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

World Oceans Day: The Mediterranean drama

The Mediterranean sea has become the main obstacle for thousands of migrants and is also the most polluted water basin in the world.

Underground gardens in NY

The Lowline Park is NY urban jungle, it uses a distributor dish to transmit sunlight into the space and enables plants and trees to grow.

It may be to late to stop sea level rise

Scientific papers suggest even if humanity stop global warming gas emissions, a six meter sea level rise might be inevitable. 

Genetically engineered bacteria could help preserve fossil fuels

The bacteria can take CO2 out of the air and convert it into alcohol fuel. 

International accord to fight illegal fishing

The Port States Measures Agreement will come into force on June 5

Prickly pears are driving local development in northern Argentina

The cactus is bringing farmers a new source of income through prickly pear fruit jam. 

Lake Maracaibo an oil sacrifice zone

With 15 minor oil spills every day the ecosystem has been largely damaged by the oil fever and negligence.

Air pollution rises mostly in poorer cities

98%  of cities in low and middle income countries do not meet  WHO air quality guidelines.

Santiago's subway to be powered with solar and wind energy

60% of its power will be coming from renewable energy sources. 

7 months row of temperature records

It is likely 2016 will be the hottest year ever recorded, April was 1.11C warmer than in 2015. 

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