Indigenous groups can really battle deforestation

A study finally shows how Peruvian forest loss declined after indigenous groups were granted titles to their land.

Warming Earth could release huge amounts of CO2

According to a report by the Food and Agricultural Organization rising temperatures could release carbon trapped in the soil and make or break climate change response efforts. 

How are Colombian coffee growers are adapting to climate change?

Through a combination of varied farming practices and pest control they are saving coffee crops.

El Salvador the first nation to impose blanket ban on metal mining

Campaigners celebrate victory for ‘water over gold’ after country unaninmously ushers through historic bill to end all forms of metal mining

Trump changes US approach to climate change

President Trump signed an executive order intended to roll back most of Barack Obama’s climate change legacy. 

The largest páramo in the world under threat

The Sumapaz páramo in Colombia is threatened by fracking as exploration areas have been delimited close by. 

Wildlife crime just got personal

UNEP’s Wild for Life campaign seeks to reverse the illegal trade in wildlife by raising awareness, enforcing stronger laws and helping local communities in stopping this trend.

Chile’s 1M hectares of new protected land

The Chilean government announced a massive conservation campaign that will result in a network of national parks protected under strict regulations. 

Colombia’s newest botanical garden

Located in the Mesa and Tena municipalities this is the country’s 22nd botanical garden which will boost research and conservation in the region. 

What’s new in this year’s Earth Hour

Saturday 25th March we’ll listen to musicians share their love for the planet and fight climate change through their music.

90% of our primates are threatened

Colombia is the third country with most primate species in the region, but most of them are threatened by deforestation, illegal traffic and hunting. 

There’s hope in the Amazon

Equally important as reducing carbon emissions is preserving and restoring natural ecosystems such as the Amazon rainforest. 

Peace rangers to protect Sierra Nevada

The government and the Arhuac people are working together to protect their ancestral capital.

Vaquitas last chance before vanishing

There are no more than 30 vaquitas left in Mexico’s Gulf of California and captivity might be their last resort. 

Peace rangers to protect Sierra Nevada

The government and the Arhuac people are working together to protect their ancestral capital.

The war on ocean plastic

The UN launched an unprecedented global campaign against ocean plastic as more than 8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year.

Ecological Conservation in a post-conflict time

Colombian ecologists will finally be able to assess the state of ecosystems that were off-limits to research and development. 

Monarch butterflies winter migration falls

The number of Monarch Butterflies hibernating in Mexico dropped 27% compared to 2015. 

Argentina’s never ending environmental disaster

The Matanzaz-Riachuelo river has been identified as one of the worst cases of industrial pollution in the world. 

Latam’s first habitat bank is launched in Colombia

A 1,5-million-dollar investment hopes to preserve at least 600 hectares of land and create more than 50 direct jobs.

4 months to find a missing monkey

The Houseboat project hopes to find the saki monkeys, unseen for the last 80 years, in an unexplored Amazonian watershed. 

How a three-day weekend can help the environment

Along with the Universal Basic Income a shorter work week can help reduce carbon emissions.

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