Colombia’s biggest solar farm

Celsia Solar announces the opening of a solar farm on September in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca.

Why primates matter?

60% of primate species in the world are in the brink of extinction and 75% have declining populations. 

This is Chile’s newest marine protected area

Mar de Juan Fernández is located 670km off the coast of Valparaiso.

South Korea, Cuba to boost cooperation in renewable energy

The South Korea-Cuba program began in 2015 as a result of the thawing of ties between the United States and Cuba in July the same year.

Colombia lost over 5200km2 of forest

Between 2002 and 2016 the country lost its forests to agriculture and cattle ranching.

Prohibiting cars may not help clean up the air

Mexican study published in Scientific Reports found little evidence that these type of measures improve air quality.

Colombia lost over 5200km2 of forest

Between 2002 and 2016 the country lost its forests to agriculture and cattle ranching. 

Bolivian glaciers threatened by mining

There are more than 40 mining concessions in mount Illimani. 

6,000 tons of sunblock in Mexican beaches

Personal care products directly affect coral reef’s degradation, but this Mexican couple is already doing something about it. 

Honduras 'most dangerous country' for environmentalists

Global Witness says more than 120 activists killed since 2010 while trying to protect their rivers, forests or land.

97% of endangered species threatened by two common pesticides

The US Environmental Protection Agency released an analysis of the effects of pesticides on endangered species.

UK scientists to solve whales’ deaths in Argentinian coast

A two-year project aims to learn why hundreds of baby southern right whales washed up on the coast. 

The Rewilding Movement

It aims to restore land to the way It was before humans dominated the planet. 

Colombia exports talent and discipline

One of the most prestigious Athletic competences in the marathon distance will receive the Colombian Kelly Arias. Latin America will run Boston!

Why to protect Bogota’s wetlands

With more than 15 wetlands in the city it is necessary to know why to protect them. 

LATAM’s disaster-proof plan

The UN and the region’s countries have crafted a blueprint for making their agriculture, food and nutritional security sectors more sustainable.

First bumble bee species to be listed as endangered

Since the 1990’s the rusty patched bumble bee’s population have plunged almost 90%. 

Eco fuel gains popularity after Mexican ‘gasolinazo’

The liter can be bought for 14 pesos. 

Illegal mining in Colombia is a growing threat

Ecosystems, water, biodiversity and Colombian’s health are endangered by the growth of this activity. 

Every piece of plastic made still exists

With decomposition lasting as far as 500 years, plastic continues to be all around us. 

Too rare to wear

This campaign aims to end the demand of turtleshell in Latin America. 

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