18 million trees to fight Mexico City pollution

With pollution levels at its highest the Ministry of Environment announced plans to reforest the area and fight pollution. 

The Mexican Secretary of Environment, Rafael Pacchiano announced 18 million trees will be sowed in the metropolitan area to fight the growing pollution problem in the capital earlier this month. He said this will be a "historic reforestation" and "will help consolidate the green space in the megalopolis."

In addition to the trees more than 1,000 taxis will be replaced by hybrid vehicles and the renewal of public transportation will continue. Also 26 anti pollution laws for industries will be updated.

In March pollution levels rose to unseen levels in the last 13 years. Government officials had to limit the use of vehicles, around 5,4 million, for 4 days. The lack of wind and the 0.8 degrees Celsius increase in temperatures affected the ozone concentration in the region and had the city under thick smog.

More so, between March and June all vehicles had to remain unused 1 day per week and 1 Saturday per month. This restriction was suspended in July after pollution control systems were made mandatory every 6 months.

On a national level 60% of the 6 year plan of reforestation has been achieved. According to the government, more than 600,000 hectares have been reforested from the 1 million goal.  This is the area of Mexico City, Tlaxcala and Morelo together.

Only in 2016 170,000 hectares were reforested with more than 190 million plants. 


LatinAmerican Post | Maria Andrea Marquez

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