Rights Group calls on Latin American governments on Human Rights

Governments must not consider human rights irrelevant but must rather recognize their moral stature

Coca expansion, drug production in LatAm further strain U.S. ties

Bolivia is doubling the amount of land devoted to coca production, while Colombia coca production has spiked

Latino transgenders and Trump’s trickle down decisions

Trump's decision not only affects Americans, but also transgender individuals living in developing countries. According to Alejandro Lanz Sánchez, founder of the organization PARCES in Bogotá

Bolivia's Morales boosts legal coca production

Bolivian President Evo Morales has signed into law a controversial bill that nearly doubles the area that can be legally planted with coca crops.

FARC demobilization could threaten costa rica security

Authorities in Costa Rica are worried that the dismantling of Colombia's main guerrilla group could threaten the Central American country's stability, as a new generation of criminal networks are likely to take over the drug routes formerly held by the insurgents.

Corruption scandals with brazilian roots cascade across Latin America

A former Peruvian president is a fugitive, charged with taking bribes. In Colombia, prosecutors say its president’s re-election campaign accepted dirty money. And intelligence agents in Venezuela arrested journalists and researchers looking into scandals there.

What is at stake for Latin America in 2017?

Here are some thoughts on the social challenges for the region this year

Peru, Colombia pledge to stand with Mexico

Peru and Colombia vowed to stand with Mexico as the country faces an uncertain economic future and grapples with a crisis with the United States just days into US President Donald Trump’s administration.

The China mirage in Latin America

With the ratification of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, the United States firmly asserted its hegemony over the Western Hemisphere as to dissuade other powers from meddling in the region.

Latin American women of the future: numbers speak

In Latin America and the Caribbean, almost 20% of adolescent women are married or live in pairs, in some cases often forced as the rates show the balance for 2016.

Women on the target

Despite campaigns against gender-based violence cases continue to reach the headlines.

South american ministers in Chile to discuss productivity challenges

“Without equity and inclusion, our development is destined to have feet of clay, (and) runs the risk of being ephemeral and illusory,” Bachelet added.

Chile free of minefields by 2020

Ambassadors and representatives of nations that signed the Ottawa Convention called on Monday in Santiago for a quicker clearing of minefields, so that by 2025 the world will be completely free of landmines.

China, Chile and their neighbors: how they could benefit from Trump’s anti-free trade wave

For Latin America the result of the U.S. election and the growing investments from China in the region could mean a new opportunity to promote their own development in a post-commodity boom environment.

Che Guevara era closes as Latin America's oldest guerrilla army calls it a day

In their 52-year fight against the Colombian state, Farc rebels used assault rifles, shrapnel-filled gas canisters, homemade landmines and mortar shells.

Mercosur threatens to suspend Venezuela

The South American trading bloc, Mercosur, has threatened to suspend Venezuela if it does not comply with a series of trade and human rights rules.

Chile is no longer LatAm’s brightest star

Chile's might be over. Is it now Argentina, Colombia and Peru´s turn?

Panama Canal open for business

A giant Chinese container ship has become the first vessel to move from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean via the newly-enlarged Panama Canal.

Rousseff to testify in Petrobras case

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, suspended from office pending her impeachment trial, has been called as a defense witness for a key figure in the Petrobras corruption scandal

Inter-American Commission's budget crisis

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR or Commission) announced that a budget crisis was forcing it to “suspend visits it had planned for this year, as well as its 159th and 160th sessions,”

What Latin America can learn from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is hardly a model country, but it has laid out a plan to end its dependence on oil, something that many Latin American countries, that depend on commodity exports for more than 80 percent of their export income, should learn from.

Latam's anticorruption feeling: Stop stealing

Corruption has long been endemic in Latin America. Voters have tolerated politicians who “steal but get things done”

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