For the first time a cardinal loses his clerical status

Feb 17, 2019 Global
For the first time a cardinal loses his clerical status
In a historic Vatican decision, now-former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was convicted of sexual abuse

Haiti sinks in political instability

Feb 16, 2019 Latam
Haiti sinks in political instability
The political instability in Haiti has plunged that country into a crisis that has already completed a little over a week

United States: Trump will definitely build the wall

Feb 15, 2019 Global
United States: Trump will definitely build the wall
The US government worked hard to avoid a new Shutdown. Meanwhile, Trump declares the country in national emergency

Iván Duque and his visit to the United States

Feb 15, 2019 Latam
Iván Duque and his visit to the United States
During Duque's visit to Trump, apart from the central issues, the possibility of a military intervention in Colombia was raised

This is Diego Molano, precandidate to be Bogotá's mayor

Feb 13, 2019 Latam
Diego Molano: precandidate to the city of Bogotá
One of the three candidates for Centro Democrático is Diego Molano, who is committed to improve safety, sustainability, and mobility

Mexico: El Chapo Guzmán is condemned for drug trafficking

Feb 12, 2019 Latam
Mexico: El Chapo Guzmán is condemned for drug trafficking
A New York jury ruled that the famous Mexican criminal, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, is guilty of drug trafficking

The Associated Press has found out among the mass disclosures Wikileaks has made about government agencies it has also made public personal information about hundreds of people. These include rape victims, sick children, and metal health patients.

AP reports in the last year they've published medical files of ordinary people, as well as sensitive family, financial or identity records posted online. In two cases they named teenage rape victims. Also the name of a Saudi citizen arrested for being gay, which can even lead to a prison sentence or even a death sentence in the country.

"They published everything: my phone, address, name, details," told a Saudi man to AP after Wikileaks revealed the details of a paternity dispute. "If the family of my wife saw this ... Publishing personal stuff like that could destroy people."

They were unable to reach Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for an interview and didn't receive any reply to written questions. Although in a series of tweets they dismissed the privacy concerns as "recycled news" and said they "were not worth a headline," giving no indication this material would be taken down.

Wikileaks mission is to make public material "involving war, spying and corruption" into the public eye and describing their material as a "giant library of the world's most persecuted documents." Nonetheless they've also got rogue data, including computer viruses, spam and personal records.

In the Saudi case, diplomatic cables include 124 medical files, according to AP some describe psychiatric conditions, ill children and refugees.

"This has nothing to do with politics or corruption," said Dr. Nayef al-Fayez a retired practitioner in Jordan whose patients were among those made public.

AP reached 23 people mostly in Saudi Arabia who didn't even know their personal information was exposed and says many were horrified. According to Paul Dietrich, a transparency activist, the Saudi cables contained more than 500 personal files. Besides medical information identity records are made public, like phone and credit card numbers which can be used by criminals.

In fact, a US diplomat reported he had to change his number after the DNC files were exposed and he was bombarded by threatening messages.

Assange had previously insisted Wikileaks had a system to keep ordinary people safe but it was time consuming and expensive. "We can't sit on material like this for three years with one person to go through the whole lot, line-by-line, to redact," he told the London's Frontline Club.

The group also argued on Twitter that withholding any data at all "legitimizes the false propaganda of 'information is dangerous." But this is threatening the people involved and causing hundreds of people to be collateral damage.


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