"Has Been a Battle": Temer in his first month as president

The phrase reveals his emotional state after having faced more challenges than he had anticipated.

"It's a battle, it has been a battle", acting president Michel Temer tells Folha, referring to his first month as president, which he completed on Sunday (12).

The phrase reveals his emotional state after having faced more challenges than he had anticipated. In 30 days, he lost two ministers, went back on some decisions and was faced with a fiscal situation that turned out to be much worse than he could have imagined.

"Despite all of the turbulence, criticisms and pressure, it was a successful month", the PMDB member reported on Thursday (9).

He is keen on emphasizing measures that were approved by Congress and that "Rousseff did not achieve", such as modifying the fiscal target, the extension of the DRU and the approval of Ilan Goldfajn as Central Bank president.

"We reestablished a dialogue with Congress, achieved a large majority vote for projects, and are regaining the country's confidence, this is not a small feat at the start of an administration", he said, rejecting criticism that claims the start of his administration was marked by comings and goings.

Under fire for having set up a ministry with no female representation, comprised of politicians implicated in the Lava Jato investigation, the PMDB member insists he "created a top team on the economic side", pointing at Henrique Meirelles (Finance), Pedro Parente (Petrobras), Maria Silva Bastos Marques (BNDES) and Goldfajn.

Not even the warnings received over the last few days from senators with threats to switch sides and cast anti-impeachment votes have deterred Temer from standing behind the belief that he will remain in office until 2018.

In regard to the plebiscite calling for new elections, Temer reminds: "First, I need to resign. Our victories in Congress demonstrate that there is no room for a Rousseff comeback".


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