Conclusions after Istanbul airport attack

With 41 people dead and 239 more injured Europe's third busiest airport awaits investigation. 

After three men carried out a deadly attack on Istanbul's airport and then blew themselves up, leaving 41 people dead and 239 injured, investigations to find the attacker and who's to blame are still developing.

The police carried out raids on Tuesday and detained 13 Islamic State suspects, 3 of them foreigners. But there is also the possibility Kurdish militants carried the attack.

As it for now, Turkey media and officials are saying the three men who carried the attack are foreigners, Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz. Yet the government has made no official statement and no rebel group has claimed responsibility.

Yesterday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the day as a national day of mourning and several world leaders condemned the attack.

UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and called for the perpetrators to be identified and brought into justice. US Secretary of State said "This is daily fare and that's why I say the first challenge we need to face is countering non-state, violent actors," and Hilary Clinton showed her support as well, while Donald Trump said the threat of attacks "has never been greater."

Also, Russia's President Vladimir Putin offered condolences to President Erdogan. This was the first time the two leaders spoke after Turkey shot a Russian military jet in November.

Bombings in Turkey have become more recent since early 2015. In the last eight months five bombings in central Istanbul and four in Ankara have raised the alert among Turks.

More so, Turkey is no longer believed to be a safe destination for tourists and this is certainly affecting its economy. The country received more than 38 million visitors in 2014. But  the sixth most popular tourist  destination in the world is expected to see a  drop of at least 40% in its visitors this year.

The main decline came from Russian market after travelers stopped going after the Russian military jet was shot down. France and UK governments have warned their citizens and urged them to be alert in tourist areas. US has given similar advise to its travelers.

Meanwhile in Istanbul investigators continue to examine the CCTV footage and Turkey's prime minister says early indications are that the Islamic State is responsible for the attack as they've criticized the Turkish government for allying with the US-led coalition against them


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