Wall plans are spreading

As US Republican candidate, UK politicians want to build a wall in Calais to keep migrants out. It will replace the fencing along the ferry's port to prevent migrants from attempting to board lorries.

UK politicians want to build in Calais to keep migrants out. This sounds like Donald Trump's plan in Mexico but this time, Robert Goodwill, the minister of state for immigration confirmed that work is beginning to build a 1.9 million pounds wall at Calais, funded by the UK.

It will replace the fencing along the ferry's port to prevent migrants from attempting to board lorries.

May of the migrants trying to do this are children. UNICEF estimated that 2,000 times every week children with a legal right to be in the UK are risking their lives to try and cross the channel. This doesn't include all the children in the refugee camp. They take desperate measures after the government fails to safely resettle them and leaves them in the camp for months.

Migration experts agreed the wall, like other fences and walls going up across Europe will not achieve its purpose. Francois Guennoc of Auberge des Migrants told The Guardian, "This wall is the latest extension to kilometers of fencing and security surveillance already in place. It will just result in people going further to get round it."

"When you put walls up anywhere in the world, people find ways to go round them. It’s a waste of money. It could make it more dangerous for people, it will push up tariffs for people smugglers and people will end up taking more risks,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, UNICEF's six recommendations for supporting and protecting child migrants remain unheard by governments.

-Protect child refugees and migrants, particularly unaccompanied children, from exploitation and violence.

-End the detention of children seeking refugee status or migrating by introducing a range of practical alternatives.

-Keep families together as the best way to protect children and give children legal status.

-Keep all refugee and migrant children learning and giving them access to health and other quality services.

-Press for action on the underlying causes of large-scale movements of refugees and migrants.

-Promote measures to combat xenophobia, discrimination and marginalization.

Although building anti-refugee walls isn't specified, it shouldn't be the way.

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