The town who says no to mining

The people of Tasco in Colombia are refusing the reopening of an iron mine in their region after they've become aware of its consequences. 

Acerías Paz De Rio is the second largest metallurgy plant in Colombia. For 60 years its main plant was located in the municipality of Tasco in the center of the country. Nonetheless its people are refusing to let the exploitation of iron and carbon retake force in their region.

They are determined to stop the company to reopen their plant which was abandoned in 2003. Why? Because of the contamination and deviation of sources of water, profound cracks, rockslides and a dead mining-dependent economy.

 "El pueblo que se cansó de la minería" or The town who got tired of mining is a short documentary that explains the situation suffered by its people.

Today Tasco has about of 20 legal mines, and it is the main source of work for the locals. It used to be an agricultural land with some artisanal mining but now it has been damaged and its complicated to raise cattle.

With the acquisition of the company by the Brazilian company Votorantin in 2007, the projects in Tasco have already been approved but the work has been on halt due to neighbors resistance.

For more than a year farmers have been camping in the moorland of Pisba to prevent the reopening of El Banco mine, one of the two largest in the region. They take turns to complete their 24/7 presence. 


LatinAmerican Post | Maria Andrea Marquez

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