Macron is likely to win France’s elections

The french see Emmanuel Macron ahead of his contestant, Marine Le Pen, and closer to the presidency.

How are we reacting to Syria’s chemical attack?

The world reacted to the attack that killed at least 72 and injured 300 in the Idleb province.

1 in 4 children will face water scarcity by 2040

UNICEF warned that as many as 600 million children will be threatened by depleted sources of safe water.

How can the French election change the world?

With Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron’s popularity, The Economist says this could be France’s next revolution.

Trump’s seven steps in sabotaging human rights

Since President Donald J. Trump took office he’s pushed through a series of executive orders that directly threaten the human rights of millions of people in the United States and abroad. Amnesty International listed seven steps he has already taken.

'Global gag rule' could have dire impact in Latin America, activists warn

Donald Trump’s reversal of abortion-related aid policy will have a “chilling impact” on Latin America, say family-planning campaigners in a region that already has some of the world’s highest rates of teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality.

The right-wing News Network expansion

Breitbart News Network seeks to monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment around the world unleashed by Trump’s election.

Two words to define 2016

This year has been full of unexpected political events like the Brexit win and Trump’s election. They reflect a divided and politicized word.

Wall plans are spreading

As US Republican candidate, UK politicians want to build a wall in Calais to keep migrants out. It will replace the fencing along the ferry's port to prevent migrants from attempting to board lorries.

Will North American Leaders Stay the Wrong Course on Heroin?

North America summit strong on dubious supply-side heroin controls in Mexico, weak on talk of controlling US demand.

Droughts and conflicts have 37 countries in need of external food assistance

According to a Food and Agriculture Organization report food insecurity is spreading.

Brexit: an update 50 days before the referendum

All you need to know about the referendum and its implications.

UNGASS: Latam's stands on the war on drugs

This week the UN General Assembly (UNGASS), met to talk about the war on drugs.  After three decades it is clear that changes have to be made, but which ones?

Brexit: what you need to know about the UK's EU referendum

On the best style of the legendary british rockband The Clash:  "should we stay or should we go". that is the cueston, that would be answered on June's 23 referendum

Spain in front of a historic crossroad

For more than 40 years in the political arena of Spain two parties had been dominating, the People’s Party and the PSOE Party (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party), which alternated in power. The last catalytic elections of December 20, 2015 resulted in a significant weakening of these traditional political forces and the emergence of new antiregime parties

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