Smithe: Creativity to heaven

At 27, Luis has become one of Mexico's most promising illustrators around the world without leaving aside his ideals.

“To gain knowledge one must take risks, if you don’t take risks, you can’t win”
At the age of 12, when he was just starting to dabble in the world of graffiti, Luis didn’t imagine where his passion would lead him. Today he is known as Smithe, and has been able to take a place as one of the most famous urban artists in the world, taking him to collaborate with known personalities and commercial brands.
Despite the tremendous popularity he’s had in recent years, this young Mexican keeps his feet on the ground and his creativity all the way up in the skies. He defines himself as restless, as someone who is always experimenting with different techniques, textures and even mixing diverse methods.

“To gain knowledge one must take risks, if you don’t take risks, you can’t win. You have to be late to hand in a paper, send an incorrect file, and remember that you forgot to quote a source. You must experiment and know there are loads of mistakes that could happen, in order for you to make it right the next time”, said Smithe on and interview with Arca Lab.
Within the Mexican Street Art scene, Smithe is one of the best advocates, his work is portrayed on murals in Spain, England, Germany and Belgium, although his talent has led him to work in design, such as the collaboration with clothing brand Tony Delfino –his own brand created with his friends-, as well as in the music scene with his band Stendal.

Before participating in the famed Adidas campaign and becoming Pharrell Williams’ inspiration, Smithe had already stood out as a designer, internationally speaking. As for two years in a row, he was the designer for the well-known Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival official poster.
Regardless his internationalization, Smithe admits that all this recognition comes with responsibilities, such as staying true to his beliefs and ideas, as well as the formation of new talents, for which he founded a project named “Albatross”.

“We want to somehow create a space for knowledge. We know people who have mighty good talent but lack confidence”.
The Mexican illustrator assured that teamwork is one of the experiences that have made a difference in his life, because the openness to new ideas has made his creativity grow even more.
“Before I used to work alone at home and in a closed space, I never opened up the dialogue to other opinions. Being in a workspace with people you like being with, is in a way your creativity field”.

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