Frida Kahlo through the hands of worldwide artists

London opens up the doors to artists from all around the world who found in Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, important inspiration for their own works.

The Menier Gallery in London opens up the door for an intense and sensible selection of artworks by more than 50 artists who gained inspiration by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

“Lust For Life” gives the name to the exhibition. In order to celebrate life and work of the talented artist, the exhibition, opened from the 4th of August and will get to an end by the 31st of August.

The organization The Artists’ Pool ,the Menier Gallery and the Embassy of Mexico in the UK joined to present through the hands of worldwide artists, through different styles, the most important moments of Kahlo’s life.

A series of events making tribute to the inspirational and emblematic artist of the 20th century have been taking place in the UK, and this month “Lust For Life” gives us one of the most original approaches to the artistic work of the Mexican painter.

Renee Rilexie, who is in charge of the exhibition, explained that “her passion for life, even with all the handicaps she faced, is a feelings trigger.

“Frida Kahlo is huge referent for the art world and a role model for many women identified with her work.

“For many, she has become their inspiration; during our lifes, all of us have gone through difficult moments to overcome, just as she did”, she added.

To close the event, the Menier Gallery will end the celebration with a closing act featuring Mexican traditional music and colorful costumes to give tribute to one of the most important women in the 20th century.

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