Latin America for the World

London Museum ready for one of the biggest projects in charge of worldwide artists, aiming to show Latin American culture to the world.

For decades,the art and culture of Latin America has filled museums and galleries across the United States and some regions of Europe.

Museum London was not going to be left back, for that purpose a new exhibition is already being prepared. It will be called TransAMERICAS, gathered into the sign, concept, situation around Latin American culture through the projects of around 15 artist from the whole American continent.

From the 11th of September to the 11th of December the exhibition will take place in the museum, displaying four sections: Community, Travel, Bridges and Language.

The TransAMERICAS project will include feature collage, graphics, textiles, photographs, video, sculpture and installation works and an interactive projected called Click! Panoramic Americas, this last one as the protagonist of the whole work.

Juan Andrés Bello London Filmmaker will be involved in the process, by including series of photographs trying to spare the way of living in Latin America.

“The idea is to have different voices, people from Canada, sharing thoughts of what they left behind. And we will have people from Latin America . . . share images of their lives too,” he said. “I think it is going to create a very interesting conversation. We shall see what we have at the end of the exhibition. I’m excited to see what we create.”

The online platform of the museum already has more than 100 pictures as a first advance for the TransAMERICAS project.

Family, friends, cities, nature, traditions, religions, sports, arts, literature, politics and society are some of the topics the exhibition will linger.

“What we are asking people to submit has to do with the idea there is information about Latin America in the media every day that isn’t necessarily all that accurate or is about certain aspects of Latin American culture,” the London filmmaker said. “So this is an opportunity to tell different stories. We are hoping to receive a variety of images, to help us see these countries from many different perspectives.”

Bello recognizes the big challenge the are about face. It is all about Latin American diversity that makes it impossible to be cover just through some pictures.

It’s difficult, Bello said, to picture an entire continent through some pictures — or even many photographs. We have big gap and comparisons starting with the different languages, the rural and the urban, lifestyles and history.

Nonetheless the biggest challenge seems to actually be the lack of interest people might show to the exhibition, due to the multiple public programs already existing.

Pearce and Cassandra Getty, in charge of TransAMERICAS express: “There are a number of museums, galleries, focused on art created by Latin Americans. Cassandra and I were seeing that wave, and also here in London, if I remember the statistic, I think it is 23 percent of Londoners are from elsewhere and 17 percent of that 23 percent is from Latin America. Those are pretty strong statistics. We knew for a lot of years we wanted to do something around this.”

That’s the reason why they’ve been doing the proper research to have and accurate and interesting exhibition.

“It will be like a mosaic. We aren’t sure how it is going to work out, but the idea is to fill as much of the wall as possible up,” Pearce said. “It’s going to be in a place where it has impact. I think it’s going to create some interesting conversations.”

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