Aztecs: An interesting daily routine

How was a normal day in the life of the noble class? The Aztec Empire seen through the eyes of the curious.  

Nobles worked at the center, where you could find temples, royalty palaces, administrative dependencies and the principal schools.

There were several works for the noble class, from politic and military assistance until legal judges, from administrators to tax collectors. From priests to warriors.

Every day they would wash themselves, eat breakfast and go to their works in the center of the Aztec Empire city.

In Tenochtitlán, the main city of the Empire, each Labor Day would start with the call of the drums played by the Aztecs priests from the city temple.

As said by the Spanish historian, Diego Durán, the sound of the drums meant the beginning of everybody’s activities.

It was not different for the noble class, composed by warriors, public servants and priests that had the control over the Empire.

With the sunrise, in every noble house, servants had to have everything prepared for the master. They used to go to sleep using “Petates” or bed mats along with cotton blankets that worked as a mattress.

In the morning, servants would fold everything to have the main room empty.

On the contrary other classes would not even have blankets, it was just the bed mat against the wall to block the cold o the night.

Men and women would shower at least once a day, using soap made with the fruit of the copalxocotl and they would get dry with soft cotton pieces.

To show their status, they would brush their hair with a red tape with exotic tropical bird’s feathers.

Women used to have two braids with the hair separated exactly on the middle of their heads, and two braids ending up if they were married women.

They had make up, but they’d rather not to use them, as it was seen as something not so respectable.

It is important to state that Aztec nobles were able to marry more than one woman as long as they could respond economically.

Their first meal of the day included corn tortillas with meat or fish, a jar of chocolate.

The rest of the population would not eat anything until they had heard the second call the temple around 9 in the morning.

At midday they would hear the second drum of the day, that meant they could go ahead and take a generous second meal. In the meantime, lowers social classes would eat whatever they had taken to work with them, in less proportions and at a lower cost.

Then, everybody had to go back to work until the sunset, when a third drum would be heard.

Back home, nobles took a shower before the last meal of the day. It was a different shower, a vapor one in the temazcal with aromatic plants.

Afterwards everything would be ready for them to eat. The last meal was usually fish, meat and variety of vegetables, with corn tortillas.

The common beverage was water with honey or fruit juice. And to end a hot chocolate cup.

Alcohol was forbidden until the noble would be 52 years ago.

This was a normal day in the life of the noble class in the Aztec Empire. With big differences between classes, and once again confirming the neat organization system the Aztec culture had.

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