17 ancient graves discovered in Peru

When archaeologists thought there was nothing else to be found, they discovered children graves that might unveil dark secrets about the Inca Empire.

Delivered voluntarily or taken from their families, children found on the tops of several mountains of the Andes, over 6000 meters high, were sacrificed to the gods of the mountains, drivers climate and the life or death of the inhabitants, according to Inca beliefs. The rulers of the Inca Empire sent children to be honored and rewarded with administrative positions or assets; the sacrifices were unification ceremonies.

We are talking about one of the highest archaeological sites in the world, like Llullaillaco, at 6740 m, north of the Chilean-Argentine Andes. Unfortunately several tombs have been ransacked in search of gold and precious relics. However, one of the tombs of Mount Llullaillaco, the taller and more difficult access was found intact by archaeologists; they found under a kind of stone platform, two meters deep. Frozen laid a boy of about eight, tied to his knees in a fetal position, with a sling and two pairs of sandals, which as it was believed by the Incas would help him on his journey through the afterlife. He was dressed in noble fashion, with white leather shoes and silver bracelet. With the child found were also two girls and twenty-clad statues, all intact for centuries, and well preserved.

Also they found three figures Statues, one silver and two oyster shell Spondyloses (that inhabits only the warm Ecuadorian waters more than 3200 kms away from the archaeological site), and two male figurines, a gold and the other oyster; It seemed a ritual to secure prosperity of herds, associating marine elements, pastors and flames with the snowy heights, probably suspecting any relationship between sea water and snow on the peaks, beautiful heights lower in crop irrigation.

Near the tombs they found a refuge two rooms, sheltered from the wind, lined floor mats of straw, probably intended for priests; archaeologists found llama dung, which made them assume that the flames used to load food and light structures. What's impressive is that the Incas of the time to dig the grave, build the shelter, to 6400 meters high, -35 ° C wind chill, without current technology.

Proved by the the Inca ancient statues found, in the Inca culture, children were considered more pure than adults, and therefore more suitable for sacrifice, it was not considered a punishment but on the contrary, as an honor for people killed since then the sacrifice were revered for a long time, almost as if they were gods. The accounts of the conquest mention the names of children, and also describe the long wanderings of months maybe coming from Cuzco to the Llullaillaco (1,300 km). The manner of death of children could be a blow to the head, a deadly drink, or just cold. By the calm expression of children of Llullaillaco, it is believed to have died by the combination of alcohol and lack of oxygen at high altitude. Frozen into mummies blood was found, so a very interesting line of research was opened to analyze the bodies and know more about what diseases were suffered by the Inca children, and incidentally learn more about how they had evolved diseases over the weather and other unknown conditions.

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