The Biarritz Festival reaches Latin America

25 years of Latin American film production to be celebrated.

The Festival Biarritz Amerique Latine reaches its 25rth edition as one of the most important events in Europe for Latin American cinema. Each year proposes a competition of feature films, shorts and documentaries (in sponsorship with the Latin Union); plus tributes and retrospectives around different themes. In parallel, the festival aims to discover Latin American culture in many forms with its program of exhibitions of photography, film, literary and university meetings.

In 2016, for its 25th edition, a total of 33 films were shown, including feature films, shorts and documentaries, with a special emphasis on the Central American cinema. In addition, the festival presents discover Latin American culture in all its forms, with concerts, literary meetings and conferences Radio France International could not miss the appointment to monitor the event with reports and videos.

Two Brazilian feature films, two Argentines, two Chilean, Mexican and a co-production between the three countries, Canada, Mexico and Colombia will at the festival Biarritz Latin America, reference film event.

Here is the list.

“A Cidade wave envelheço”

By Marilia Rocha (Brazil, 100 minutes)

Synopsis : Francisca is a young Portuguese woman living in Brazil for a year. It receives Teresa, a friend with whom she had lost contact. While Teresa discovers the new country where she wants to settle, Francisca yearns Lisbon. The film follows their adventures and the deep friendship that develops between them, forcing them to experiment opposing desires: the desire to go to an unknown country and the persistent need to have a home <. / p>
The director already has three documentaries to his credit ( “Aboio” in 2005, “Acacio” in 2008 and “A falta that faz me” in 2009).


By Kleber Mendonça Filho (Brazil, 140 minutes)

Synopsis : Clara, sixty, former music critic, is born into a bourgeois environment of Recife, Brazil. She lives in a unique building, Aquarius, built in the 40s, on the fashionable Avenida Boa Viagem that runs along the ocean. A major sponsor has bought all the apartments but it refuses to sell his. She will return to Cold War with the real estate company that harasses.
first feature film of the director, “neighboring sounds” (2012), received the award for best Brazilian film at the São Paulo International Film Festival, and was nominated to represent Brazil at the Oscars in 2014.

“El invierno”

By Emiliano Torres (Argentina, 95 minutes)

” El Invierno “Emiliano Torres released in February 2017 Photo © Chrysalis film
Synopsis After working all her life in an isolated ranch in Patagonia, an old foreman, Evans was forced to retire and be replaced by a younger employee, Jara, who hopes to settle with his wife and children. Winter finally arrives, the snow and the wind completely isolate this area and it is no longer working or living but to resist.
this is the first Argentine film that director 44 years.

“El rey del ounce”

By Daniel Burman (Argentina, 79 minutes)

Synopsis : Ariel thinks he left his past behind him. He built a successful career in New York where all prosper. But when his father Usher, head of Jewish solidarity foundation in the district of La Once in Buenos Aires, asked him to return to help, Ariel is faced with the community and its traditions that have separated the popular Usher.
the now highly acclaimed director Daniel Burman, a founding member of the film Academy and audiovisual arts of Argentina, here presents his latest achievement.


By Pablo Larraín (Chile, 108 minutes)

Synopsis : 1948, the cold War has spread to Chile. In Congress, Senator Pablo Neruda openly criticized the government. President Videla then demand his dismissal and entrusts the redoubtable Inspector Oscar Peluchonneau care of the arrest of the poet. Neruda and his wife failed to leave the country and are then forced to hide. He plays with the inspector, deliberately leaves clues to make the hunt even more dangerous and more intimate.
With “Neruda, Pablo Larraín signs here his sixth feature film.

“Poesia sin fin”

By Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chile, 130 minutes)

Synopsis : In the effervescence of the Chilean capital, during the 1940s and 50s, “Alejandrito” Jodorowski, aged twenty years, decided to become a poet against the wishes of his family. He is introduced into the heart of the artistic and intellectual bohemia of the time and met Enrique Lihn, Stella Díaz Varín, Nicanor Parra and so many other promising young and anonymous poets who will become the masters of modern literature of Latin America.
the unconventional director of 87 years shows here the result of a life to question the way of thinking and perceiving art.

“Maquinaria Panamericana”

By Joaquín Del Paso (Mexico, 88 minutes)

Synopsis : Working for Maquinaria Panamericana, c is part of the family. Hard to imagine a better place: an ideal location near Mexico City Airport, a generous boss played by Don Alejandro, spacious premises and traditional corporate pride that lasts for decades. But sometimes the future occurs without warning. Don Alejandro dies, taking with him the whole illusion.
This is the first feature film from director Joaquin Del Paso, residing in Mexico, who turned however short films since the age of 15.

“X Quinientos”

By Juan Andrés Arango (Canada, Colombia, Mexico, 103 minutes)

Synopsis : Maria leaves Manila to live in Montreal with his grandmother. She struggles to adapt to the new climate. Alex, a young Afro-Colombian, deported from the United States in Colombia, discovers that his old neighborhood is controlled by criminals. Following the death of his father, David leaves his village for Mexico in search of a better future. “X Quinientos” accompanies the lives of three teenagers in different cities of America.
The director was already there at the opening of the competition in Biarritz 2012 with “Un certain regard”, which was also presented at Cannes. “X Quiniento s” is his second feature film.

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